A Few Inevitable Factors of Hypertension

Even if we cannot control certain risk of sickness factors, however, it does not mean that we can simply forget or ignore about them. Well, by considering the risk of such inevitable factors, it can actually help us to understand the whole hazardous cardiovascular figure and that will empower us to be fully aware of them.

a. Genetic Cause
Hypertension, like many other health issues, is naturally occurred in the aspect of family tree perspectives. For example, if one or two people whose parents or siblings have a medical record of hypertension, chances of suffering from that disease is certainly bigger. Well, according to some previous medical research, it is reported that 25% of cases in the family have a genetic cause. However, this is still an uncertain thing by any means since there are also other factors that can contribute to the occurrence of suffering from hypertension in the family in which one of them is due to the impact of environmental influences. So, the children’s dietary, some of the skills to face a problem, and the trend towards some healthy and unhealthy habits, for instance, are often formed by the behavior of their parents and social influences.

b. Age
Although the aging process does not always trigger hypertension, however, high blood pressure usually occurs among the elders. For example, at the age between 30 and 65, systolic blood pressure tends to have increased by an average of 20 mm/Hg and will continue reaching after the age of 70. An increasing risk associated with these age aspects largely explain the isolated systolic hypertension as it is related to a growing peripheral vascular resistance (resistance of blood flow in peripheral blood vessels) in the arteries.

c. Gender
In some cases, men often experience the signs of hypertension at the age of late thirties while women tend to have it after their menopause. Women's blood pressures, especially in their systolic, have increased more rapidly through their aging process. In fact, after the age of 55, women tend to be prone to have a higher risk of developing blood pressure. After all, one of the causes of this pattern perhaps is due to hormonal differences in both sexes; a decreasing estrogen production at menopause in which women are likely to lose some immune system that can elevate their blood pressure.

d. Race
Geographically, the African - Americans people show a higher rate of hypertension than any other populations since they tend to develop such risks of blood pressure early in a more aggressive way. And perhaps, those people are likely to have a chance two times or more in suffering a fatal stroke, one and a half times to have died from heart disease, and the rest of four times is prone to have grown a kidney failure compared to Caucasians (the White people). Bottom line, we should keep it in mind that hypertension is the number one of triggering factor among the African - Americans' death.

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