Reasons Why Hypertension Is Dangerous
First of all, we all already know the fact that hypertension makes our heart work even harder. Besides, it is not just a little hard work that can never hurt anyone. In the case of human heart, the answer is definitely not. Perhaps, it is because violent throbbing blood can damage artery walls gradually. The smaller arteries, for instance, are particularly vulnerable. Such responses as thickening the artery walls by removing both the elasticity and the strength of the artery itself will result in the less amount of blood circulated which in that case, it can deprive oxygen and nutrients to pass through the cardiovascular system.

Second of all, vessel walls on the contrary are easily breakable. In other words, hypertension does not only damage the blood vessels, but also other important organs such as the heart, brain, kidneys, and eyes. So, the longer we suffer from hypertension, the greater the chance of our other organs will get damaged which eventually, it can lead to certain serious conditions such as heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, and even blindness.

Third of all, when talking about how important it is to avoid such risks that can cause serious conditions to our health; firstly, we need to know the exact causes of hypertension occurred from blood circulatory viewpoint. To begin with, the vessel walls which have been damaged will cause inflammation. This inflammation, then, will result in thickening and turning to form plaque made from fat or cholesterol. When the plaque is formed in the arteries, the blood vessels become narrow and causing atherosclerosis. After that, the plaque will then restrict the flow of blood stream which makes our heart work even harder. Since the plaque causes our blood vessels more vulnerable to atherosclerosis, therefore, hypertension will contribute to the occurrence of stroke or heart attack; causing a serious sequence of blood circulatory problems from time to time.

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