Factors Which Can Practically Be Controlled

1. Smoking
We already know that doctors may have told us long time ago that smoking leads to a notorious heart disease. However, when it comes to a long span of time, the habit of smoking is probably considered to have no direct relationship with hypertension. Having said that, well, there has been a few investigations revealed that such important relationships between smoking and hypertension could have been missed out from previous researches carried out. However, the significant link which could not yet be discovered from previous studies in regards to this issue addressed has recently been proven, in which the habit of smoking tends to cause a person suffering from high blood pressure.

To begin with, some medical researchers who have performed their recent investigations by taking the blood samples of smokers found that the systolic blood pressure of those smokers within five minutes of sucking a cigarette will have increased dramatically at an average level of more than 20 mm/ Hg before gradually declined to the regular stage of their blood pressure after 30 minutes. The typical patients with labile hypertension (especially, among smokers) whose blood pressure often jumps by the time when it gets responded, in many cases, is often occurred due to the everyday stress that they deal with.

In addition to that, people who smoke in pre-hypertension stage are likely to have 140/90 mm/Hg in the measurement of their blood pressure. Due to the fact that nicotine constricts the blood vessels and forcing their heart to work even harder, thus, both their heart rate and blood pressure will increase simultaneously. Needless to say, the types of various chemicals contained in any tobacco can further elevate the risked factors of suffering from a heart disease in other ways. It is because of tobacco reduces the oxygen supplied in a human body, therefore, the amount of HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) or "good cholesterol" inside the smokers’ body will be declined; making their blood platelets more likely to stick together and form numerous clots which is merely the primary cause of having a heart attack and stroke.

2. Obesity
Excessive weight and hypertension often go hand in hand because of the extra few kilograms which make our heart work harder. By definition, the word obesity practically means if our weight is more than 20% of our ideal height. So, our weight is basically not only important, but also it is where we carry our excessive fat. After all, people with excessive fat on their hips are more prone to be at risk of suffering from hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

3. Lifestyle
Compared to those who are physically active, the people who are heavily occupied will likely to have suffered from hypertension and heart attack. Just like the other muscles, our heart is getting stronger with exercises. It is because of our heart will pump the amount of blood more when we exercise, perhaps, another advantage derived from this is that is it can help us to lose our weight so as to increase our HDL level; lowering the fat produced from our food consumption that flow through our circulatory system in our blood stream.

4. Alcohol Consumption
Nowadays, there are many studies which have associated the amount of alcohol consumption with hypertension. Drinking alcohol excessively about three times or more in a day is partly responsible for 7% of cases in hypertension. In short, it is suggested that for women who suffer from hypertension, they should not have an above degree of alcohol consumption more than 1 time per day while for the men is no more than twice a day.

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