The Growth of Marketing Management
The actual marketing activities have begun to evolve historically since the existence of human needs and efforts through the exchange of a product or service. Such a historical development of human civilization, in fact, gives a significant escalation to the development use of exchanged product or service. The existence of marketing growth have practically begun from the transaction activity. At that time, it was the marketing activities of such a transaction where all goods produced or manufactured items could easily be sold. However, there were also some issues occurred that took precedence at that period in regards to how to market any goods produced. Because of this, the thoughts of management orientations at that time was mainly concerned with a company's production activities.

First off, an increasing amount of goods and degree of marketing efforts produced to meet the humans' needs have greatly influenced the level of trading activities and the needs to redistribute goods from manufacturers to consumers. The typical marketing activities carried out at that time were particularly emphasizing on the utilization of distributing channels. Besides, there was such a fierce competition among manufacturers in delivering their items produced into the hands of their targeted consumers. Hence, the thought of management orientation back in that time had grown from production orientation to the sales orientation. In this case, the main emphasis of shifting that orientation was focusing on how the goods produced can be sold effectively so that so the sales target set could be achieved within the framework of organizational achievement in connection to the short-term goal of corporate profits.

Second of all, an increased amount of social welfare which is reflected in the growth of human well-beings have caused a society or consumers wanted to be served better (particularly, according to what they desire). In this case, people do not only think of their needs, but they have already escalated their necessities from basic needs to desirable wants. As a result, it is not a surprise to acknowledge the fact that consumer society nowadays has begun to search for products (either goods or services) that can fully satisfy their desires no matter what. Therefore, there has been many variety of goods or services that can offer more benefits to fulfill the needs of consumers in today's community.

Meanwhile, the development of modern marketing began to first occur since the period of the industrial revolution in Western countries. Such an ongoing period of competition during that period, in fact, had caused companies to have created additional products along with the growing rate of urbanization that minimized rural population. There was a rapid shift of companies' operations which literally made the business activities in the industry working to the maximum capacity. And because of this, there were many people from rural area were being employed and moved to the cities.

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