The Role of Marketing Function to Achieve Corporate Goals and Objectives
The success of a company’s business accomplishment, in general, is strongly influenced by its ability to market its products effectively. In fact, such a business objective which is to be able to guarantee its survival, growth, and ability to compete fiercely might just be the case if a company can sell its products in a rather favorable price along with the level of expected quantity while being able to cope up with challenges posed by its competitors. Because of this, the need of a leadership effort in connection to the marketing area is by any means necessary to be implemented in order to help a company explore a wider degree of opportunities at marketing its product and service so that a company can take an advantage of those opportunities in reaching its corporate objectives. Needless to say, in order for a company to achieve its corporate goals successfully, an effective utilization towards its employees who have dynamic creativity, initiative, and resilience to lead the marketing activities productively must be carefully taken care of.

To begin with, in order to generate reasonable amount of necessary products with the aid of human power, the production inputs such as materials, equipment as well as the working equity must be adjusted to the amount of buyers and consumers who purchase a company's product either in cash or credits. As if the product let say is largely sold in cash, a company can immediately raise funds to use the money to enlighten the process of sustaining its corporate life.

On the contrary, if let say that a company’s sales are largely made in credits, then this will definitely be accumulated in the company’s account receivables. In other words, the more output or product sold in credit, then the more corporate funds will be accumulated as account receivables. In many cases, if a company’s existing account receivables cannot be collected immediately, then it will create big problems to a company’s fund since money or cash can utterly be much more helpful in ensuring the stability of its running production. Therefore, to be able to increase the volume of activities in all corporate functions, it is necessary for a company’s organization to obtain such funding from external sources.

Meanwhile, the role of marketing function on behalf of achieving a company’s goals and objectives can be observed from the way of how a company is able to generate profits. As we know, the typical company that is able to generate a successful profitability is mostly determined by the number of sales being made. When such promotional efforts in particular of marketing activities, failing to to reach a certain target of sales volume will hugely affect the amount of profits earned automatically. Thus, if this happens, then the consequence will not only cause a company to bear the magnitude of its higher costs per unit product but also, it will result in the figure of a company’s actual costs bigger.

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