First of all, micro marketing is defined as a series of activities performed which is intended to achieve the goals of the organization by estimating or anticipating the needs of consumers who are served, as it implements the current flow of goods or services to meet those needs from the manufacturer to end users. Marketing activities involved in this point of view, it must be started from the consumers' perspectives and not from the viewpoint of business productions.

Second of all, the declined number of subscriptions which consist of individual customers, businesses, government, and other social institutions, such companies can actually direct their production activities towards the success of marketing strategies implemented. This is because as we know, customers will be willing to pay for goods or services that they receive and will continue to buy those goods and services when their needs as well as satisfaction can be fulfilled. The activities included under the micro-marketing consists of personal selling and advertisement. Additionally, the marketing activities in this case covers a certain degree of efforts in knowing and understanding better about customers and to whom the goods and services produced are sold. Therefore, any activities involved simply to obtain information through the market research is merely part of the marketing activities.

Generally, such marketing activities include the exercises to determine a product to be manufactured – a product which can precisely meet what is needed and wanted by either new or existing customers. In the scope of marketing activities, it is to determine what sort of products will be created which involves the decisions of product development, product design, packaging, as well as the level of selling price (the price charged to customers), the payment or the billing policies, the transportation and warehousing the product, to determine when and how the product is advertised and sold, the guarantee after sales, services and other sales policies, and so forth.

Hence, by referring to explanations above, it can be summarized to define that the marketing activities involve the process of tracing various needs of customers and the decisions of investing different kind of resources needed to produce goods or services in order to fulfill those needs. Overall, the success of marketing activities practically begins from the product itself before it is launched and readily offered to the market (the design, development, and packaging) until the final stages such as pricing, distribution, and promotion. Anyway, keep it in mind that all those definitions and explanations above do not necessarily mean that the role of marketing takes over production, accounting, and corporate expenditure in all aspects.

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