Drug Abuse

By far, it is certain that kidney disease is not easily prevented or predicted beforehand due to its spontaneous nature occurred. Any preventive act to overcome the occurrence of its risks can be done by steadily keeping the organ conditions stable in order to remain healthy. In any case, one of the factors that can cause the onset of kidney failure is actually due to the drug abuse.

First of all, the drug abuse from medical viewpoint can lead to the occurrence of severe damages in the area of kidney organs, particularly the ones which contain aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen. Besides, the habit of taking a little bit medication immediately when feeling the pain is certainly not recommended.

Consuming excessive drugs is definitely very harmful to the kidney organ performance. And so, if we are forced to have the needs of consuming drugs impulsively when we are experiencing such pain, then it is necessary that we have to pay our attention to the following aspects below:

a. Sometimes, we use drugs too impulsive when experiencing health problems. If this is the case, then it would be well-suggested to follow the instructions on the prescriptions of the drugs consumed, especially if the prescriptions given directly from a doctor’s advice. Bottom line, the use of high doses of drugs in any case can lead to the severe harm to our kidney organs.

b. Try as often as possible to listen to music, play games, read, or taking a shower. These kinds of activities, for instance, will make our body more relaxed, so as to avoid pain or stress. In addition, try to do the diaphragm breathing techniques in order to feel more at ease. And so, when we do these breathing techniques, we should take a deep long breath so that our stomach can stretch normally. After all, the only reason of why we should do this breathing relaxation is simply because of when we throw away our breath out of stomach, the contractions between the body organs will work automatically, as it will also help us soothing our muscles in the abdomen through this breathing methods.

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