Unhealthy Eating Habits

Historically, the pattern of unhealthy eating habits that we possess have long been tracked and studied by medical experts. Some various types of illnesses suffered by many people in modern society like today, in fact, are currently associated with their unhealthy eating patterns. Given as a little example, when we are starving, we strive and tend to eat any available food. Similarly, the minute when we feel thirsty, we search or look for any available drinks that can satisfy our throats. And yes! Dietary issues in today's society are often considered as something trivial (less significant). The quality and quantity of food and beverages consumed are something that most of us do not fully realize about the unprecedented threats occurred in the long run.

Nowadays, people fond of consuming instant or junk foods, rather than the natural fresh ones such as vegetables and fruits. We often find them at malls and restaurants, where most people whom we see there are the typical junk food lovers and soft drink high-calorie fans. To be honest, this is certainly a very apprehensive phenomenon.

Actually, most people out there do not realize the threat of disorder eating habit is in the middle of a wide range of degenerative diseases which appears to be very dangerous. Junk food as well as high-calorie drinks which contain carcinogenic materials and free radical substances, for example, indeed can damage our metabolic and cardiovascular body’s system. Additionally, consuming too much junk food is similar as entering the harmful ammunition into our healthy bodies.

Although we physically appear healthy from outside, however, we have to realize that every day; our bodies are being encroached by a variety of pollutant substances. Those junk foods and drinks, for instance, will pollute our blood flow system thereby burdening the performance of our heart and the kidneys’ functions. After all, two of these essential organs have a very important role to maintain the durability of a human’s body, where the heart function is to neutralize the toxins embedded into the body while the kidney part is to clean, filter, and remove these toxins.

Basically, the effects of bad eating pattern do not occur in the short period. Instead, the symptoms of improper eating lifestyle appear after many years. The habit of eating junk food can carry out dangerous diseases immediately, even at a very young age. Having said that, there is no need to wait until the age of 50 – 60 years later, where the stroke comes to attack someone at the age of 30.

The tendency of modernized lifestyle which ignores the foods with high fiber and vitamins as in the form of fruits and vegetables will make the body become overburdened. The human body cannot be liberated easily from heavy metals such as mercury and nickels. Besides, the smoke inhaled by our lungs on the streets because of a high degree of carbon emission apart from eating junk foods and soft drinks, indeed, often becomes the main cause of its risks associated. So, let say if this issue continues to happen in our every day lives, then, those various chemical substances will accumulate significantly in our bodies. As a result, the damages occurred in our bodies, especially our brain, heart, and kidneys will also be terribly affected.

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