Lack of Consuming Water
Often, it is no surprise to observe that many people do not realize that the human lifestyle lacks of consuming water in recent days. And of course, this is very harmful to our human body. Having the less water consumption literally can result in a decrease of stamina and concentration where the amount of water is being less absorbed which in that case, it can practically lead to dehydration; causing the disruption of emotions, heightening a sense of fatigue, as well as a decline in our health productivity.

In the long term, a deficiency of consuming water can cause constipation and kidney disorders. The importance of drinking mineral water adequately per day is obviously because of two-thirds of our human body weight consists of water. Having said that, the amount of sufficient level of consuming water is a very important element for us to remain healthy at all means.

To begin with, some parts of our human body such as 75% of the brain, 82% of the blood, 75% or 86% of the heart, lungs, and 86% of the kidney consist of water. Without having sufficient water intake, the metabolism in our body cannot run optimally. For example, our blood will not form new blood cells if there is no water, or our human bones cannot make the new bone cells without sufficient water consumption. Hence, the absence of water consumed cannot discard the remaining toxins inside the human body through the lymphatic system, kidneys, and intestines.

Basically, our body each day undergoes the process of metabolism. Having the shortage of water inside our body can interfere with the overall metabolic processes. By the medical term, metabolism is a combination of processes of anabolism and catabolism. In the process of anabolism, the water consumed is removed from the molecules through the enzymatic chemical reactions which grow into larger ones. While in the process of catabolism, the water consumed is utilized to break the bonds of the compound so that it forms other molecule components such as glucose, fatty acids, and amino acids. Therefore, if we lack of drinking the water, all these processes would not occur naturally.

Furthermore, having such a deficiency of water consumption as we already know can practically lead to dehydration. It is because of the fact that our human body undergoes the cycle process each day, thus, we can lose as much as approximately six liters of water on a regular basis. 

Obviously, it is important from any medical advices to argue that the amount of water abundance has to be balanced with an adequate level of daily water consumption. And the only reason for this is because of if it cannot be balanced, then our body can be dehydrated easily. The signals of the human body’s exhaustion, in addition, are often due to the dehydration where we can notice from several conditions such as dry mouth, back pain, mental confusion, hard to concentrate, as well as the result of having an excessive passion to do various tasks.

Despite, other dangers from having a lack of water consumption can result in a decline of blood volume. For example, our body naturally releases sweats, carries toxins and fats per day. If we do not consume water in sufficient amounts, then it is very much likely to feel that our body will not eject sweats and eventually will later cause our body to have less blood volumes. Because of there is no guarantee that our blood circulation system can run smoothly every single day, hence, the occurrence of health problems such as shortness of breath and dizziness are often the results of having an inadequate amount of water consumption.

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