The Concepts of Marketing
By theory, the marketing concept is literally referred to the philosophy of marketing field by which the orientation of its management is more into fulfilling the needs and desires of consumers, as it is empowered through the series of integrated marketing activities directed to achieve customers’ satisfaction. It is simply the key to achieve the organization's success in reaching future goals as the objective and therefore, the marketing concept applied in a company in another term is defined as the orientation which emphasizes a company’s primary task to determine the needs and desires of its target market by achieving the level of customers’ satisfaction through the product sold, which exceeds more than what is offered by competitors.

Generally, the concept of philosophy applied in the marketing management is the common term described through the leadership of a company’s best efforts to achieve the most effective ways in terms of marketing plan. So, within the concept of marketing scope, consumerssovereignty have a significant place which is very important. The ability to identify regarding the types and specifications of a product made are not solely determined by a company itself, but it is rather by the consumers’ perspectives and feedback. Companies provide the goods or services needed and desired by consumers so that the consumers can feel satisfied and as the result, this will lead to them to profit-making.
Overall, there are some logical justifications used in the sense of marketing concepts actually, such as:

a. Consumers can be grouped into several different market segments; depending on their needs and desires.

b. Consumers on one market segment can selectively be chosen from organizational perspectives, by which they are considered as the most potential targeted prospectus to delivering satisfaction over their specific needs and desires.

c. The primary task of a company is to do some research and determine its target market as well as developing the most effective chain of supplies and marketing program, since these are the keys to attract buyers and maintain the existing customers.

First of all, such an organization established has its own main objectives which are to achieve a certain level of profitability along with the organizational growth as to increase its proportion of market share. Within the perspectives of marketing concepts, the purpose of a company established is to deliver customers’ satisfaction through its product offered. Therefore, the consumers’ satisfaction is obtained and can be fulfilled through the concentrated implementations under a company’s marketing activities.

Second of all, the purpose of marketing concepts applied is to change the orientation from other philosophy of marketing management which seems to be unsuccessfully proved in solving various marketing issues, since any changes in the area of market characteristics tends to grow and develop quickly in the most dynamic way. Such immediate changes are often occurred mainly because of an increasing number of populations, an increasing level of purchasing power, high improvement and wider communication tools, advanced technological developments, and other environmental factors which are contributed to market changes.

In addition to that, the benefits which are derived from marketing concepts have been widely pointed out and embraced by many companies from developed and developing countries, such as large corporations in the United States, Japan, and Germany. The typical example of a successful company is the one which is oriented to carry out the marketing concepts, simply because it is this company which has the ability to beat over its market segments in the long run.

On the other hand, it is also considerably important that companies should be able to determine the various types of specific needs of their chosen market by defining the range of their demographic customers who want to be served effectively. For example, the factory of a radio company (a company which produces radio devices) has formulated and assembling its product, targeted not only as the means of communication, but also the product must be aimed to reach the needs of mass entertainment. Hence, by defining what sort of needs that consumers want, then the company can formulate or determine properly its exact business operation. After all, if the company is able to formulate properly in running its line of businesses, then the result will highly reflect and prove the ongoing implementation of marketing activities which the company has performed which in this case, the expected result can be more precise and consistently implemented in connection to its main objective in the first place.

Meanwhile, such an effort to convene the differentiation of products being offered and various types of promotional campaign has its own benefits for the company, since any products created are designed or aimed to be tailored to the different target of consumers’ group. In fact, the typical product-differentiation in running a business is often found at the drug companies (pharmaceutical) and companies that produce perfume. Simply put, it indicates that companies which apply product-differentiation are basically trying to reach the specific target of their consumers’ group market who can afford to buy the best quality products at high prices. 

Above all, the typical framework of marketing concept is actually viewed as one of the most important tools applied for a company to achieve its organizational goals. Therefore, any corporate orientations that a company has implemented in regards to satisfy its customers should be executed within the framework of its organizational achievements in reaching a certain number of targets or goals, such as the level of streamed revenue generated (profitability), the organizational growth (business expansion), and the increased number of percentage in market share.

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