Product or Service – Which One You Should Be Selling?
Apparently, the internet as we know is commonly utilized to communicate, entertain, educate, and research a wide variety of materials needed. Therefore, it is no wonder that non-perishable informative products such as computers, software, books, travel, electronic goods, magazine subscriptions are the most popular choices in today’s present. After all, some of the content-rich sites ranging from subscription-based to advertiser-supported which are focusing on a wide range of topics offered have been taking place and scattering rapidly all over the internet.

Basically, such hospitality services as hotel reservations, air travel arrangement, and other related online investments have successfully transformed themselves into the e-commerce business models through the use of internet. In fact, some unique services such as online driving schools for example have been prospering as well. Many states in the USA have already set up online payment services for their government services and therefore, the vast majority of American citizens now can have their own convenience and flexibility to pay most of their bills and other expenses instantly thanks to the sheer magic of virtual services.

Furthermore, any products can also be profitably marketed and sold on a virtual basis thanks to the ease and the provision of internet access. However, not all the kinds of services can be run entirely on internet because it may cause some business activities to be diminished and less executed, especially when face-to-face selling is needed to seal a commercial deal. The internet can only give lots of preliminary useful information in setting the scene for the closing stage, but the actual type in many conditions for wrapping up a business transaction usually takes place offline – i.e. not on the virtual circumstances.

Meanwhile, the typical products and services that can sell best over the internet are commonly those that can take an advantage of user convenience through an effective internet harness. For this reason, to provide a user convenience of website utilization is the primary aspect and the purpose of why consumers are willing to flock themselves on the internet in the first place. Due to the fact that people nowadays can execute their contemporary shopping activities at any given hour, thus, the risks of dealing with crowded stores, annoying sales clerks, and even protect their money from pickpockets can easily be minimized.

Lastly, most of the products sold by catalog and mail order are able to perform well in selling, even though people may prefer or would rather buy them when they can be shipped at a very reasonable price. As we know, higher shipping costs practically reduce the price competitiveness of online products, turn off future potential buyers, and are often found to be the major factor that discourages people from purchasing online more than any other reasons. Owing to this, it is no surprise to witness that roughly around 53 percent of online American shoppers were literally concerned with the high shipping costs compared to those who were worried about their credit cards’ information being stolen according to one business report produced by Ernst and Young.

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What Could Be The Types of Successful Online Businesses?
Recently, it has become a global phenomenon that there is a growing tendency among internet users to pay for valuable contents along with the quality of products and services offered on the internet. In fact, there are hundreds of paid-content and product-oriented websites have proven this unmistakable trend. Additionally, there are plenty of discerning buyers who value their time and are willing enough to pay for access over the quality information as well as the convenience of purchasing goods and services online.

Normally, businesses that offer paid services online have prospered enormously in many cases even though at some point of time, not all their services can easily be sold. Perhaps, the reason is probably due to some products which are virtually offered might be better appealed for online sales than others, while the others simply do not work profitably since they might be better fit in to any form of conventional sales.

Well, according to the researched study conducted by Earnst and Young, the most popular online purchases were the typical computer-related goods (40%), books (20%), travel (16%), clothing (10%), recorded music (6%), subscriptions (6%), gifts (5%), and investment (4%). The top three categories such as business-related services/investment, entertainment/lifestyles, and personals/dating, for instance, consistently accounted for 62% of all paid content revenue. Bottom line, there was one statistical data released which indicated that 85% of all money spent by American consumers for online content appeared to be on the top 50 sites in most categories.

Moreover, the typical business sites in particular of finance and investment ranked the highest in terms of ‘stickiness’ of service categories. The internet users, in connection to the previous research carried out were more likely to spend more of their time surfing through a business website compared to other categories. As we know, the primary function of internet is practically used for online users to communicate, to entertain, to educate, to research information required. Hence, it is no wonder to figure out that non-perishable items as well as information-intensive products such as computers and software, books, magazine subscriptions, travel, and other consumer electronic goods in general have become the most popular types of buyers’ preferences in our today’s digital era.

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Learn How to Convince Your Potential Customers
Perhaps, when it comes to questioning yourself ‘Why should someone do business with you?’, the answer to this question will likely depend on how persuasive you are in persuading your customers about what kind of services that you are basically selling, as well as how convincing you are to explain what your services can provide. What are the key benefits given to your customers? What pain does it occur? What kind of solution does it offer? Well, you need to compare your services along with these series of considerations against your competitors and try to highlight what makes you stand out from your business rivalry.

As mentioned earlier, there must be a reasonable assumption behind why someone should do business with you instead of doing it with your competitors. By summarizing the above points into one tight, powerful, and motivating phrase, this will help you in persuading your customers to do a business with you for the sake of benefits delivered by your services. If you’re going to promote your services and expand your existing customers’ base using your website, for example, it is recommended that you must ensure your potential clients are willing enough to put their trust in you beforehand.

In addition to that, another key aspect of convincing your prospective customers is to keep abreast of recent developments in your particular field. Check out what your competitors have been publishing or writing about with their content pages and keep an eye on the ongoing new trends. This will help you maintain your website up to date, razor-sharp, and rather unique. By doing it so, you’ll be able to grab or capture a niche that has not been well covered yet by your competitors.

Finally, it is considerably important that you should be wary of broadening the theme of your website too much. Do your best to avoid this perpetual toxic habit of diluting your product or service’s targeted niche just for the sake of extending the base of your merchant partners. Again, bear in mind that your primary goal of running your business online is to focus on selling your services profitably. So, once you are able to keep concentrating on selling your services towards your potential future customers in a more productive manner, that is where the ‘meat and potatoes’ of your business effort will ultimately derive from.

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Tips of Building An Effective Online Business
Basically, the first step towards creating an online business effectively is building your own website. To be able to succeed running your online business whether you are selling your own product or someone else’s product as an affiliate, you need to have a website created for that – a simple and focused website. After all, it is also recommended that your website created should have these criteria where it is easy to build, maintenance-free, low cost, credible, a powerful traffic builder, and customer oriented.

Actually, when it comes to making your website appealing, engaging, and interactively user friendly, having the right tool and the right product alone will not ensure the success of your website. This is because in fact, there are many factors to be considered carefully while designing how your website will best work for you once it is launched over the internet. Unfortunately, many of these aspects are often neglected by people who claim themselves to be the internet business owners.

- This is merely the fact of modern life where people tend to be impulsive or impatient in today’s present. As a website owner, you probably have at least 10 to 30 seconds to capture your potential customers’ attention. And in order to minimize your load time on your website, you should have your website's graphics small and try to compress them as possible as you can. Remember, visitors will not find your website easy to be navigated if it takes longer to appear on their screen.

- Get to know who your market is (the people who might be interested to purchase your product online from your website), and do your best to ensure that your website caters to their needs. It is critical that your website must reflect the values of your potential customers (e.g. is your market mostly for business professionals or ordinary shoppers?). The key to apply this strategy is to know exactly your market and build your website according to their preferences.

- Do your best to ensure that your website is practically well built up to achieve your primary goal (successfully have your product or service sold). Well, this is because a website that offers many unrelated goods or items is not necessarily focused and often found to be an ordinary case in today’s e-commerce business pattern. Hence, if your business does offer many unrelated products, then perhaps you might need to dedicate a unique page separately for each of your product classification instead of trying to sell them all simultaneously from one single page.

- Often, the typical example of the most professionally designed website is the one that can gain the customers’ trust. A simple analogy or logical assumption is ‘How can you sell something to your customers if they don’t believe in you?’. Well, a clear privacy statement is one way to help you building your credibility as a website owner. Having said that, you should provide a prominent link at least to your privacy statement from every page created on your website, as you must provide a legitimate contact information such as location, postcode, telephone number, home address to your visitors.

- Obviously, any websites created which appear to be rather compelling are able to captivate the customers’ attention more effectively than the ones which do not have. Well, the reason is because it is clearly the evidence that if your website has a good content to display, chances are you’ll be able to capture more potential customers to have your product sold better than your competitors. However, there are some considering aspects that you need to take them into account. For example, does your content not violate the copyright infringement? Or does your copy convey the message that you wish to get across to your visitors? Or perhaps, do you allow others to send their feedback such as product review and complaint? Well, these following questions will practically assist you to analyze how to improve your visitors in the long run rather than when you are just promoting your product without having in-depth knowledge of market analysis which can cause your website’s performance running stagnant or gradually declined. Bottom line, it would be well-advised to always have your site health monitored and do some double cross-check if there is any spelling or grammatical error found on your content published.

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Some Helpful Guidance in Running An Online Affiliate Business
Apart from having a lot of conveniences in running an online affiliate business, we cannot deny the fact that any goods or services that we intend to promote are not potentially limited to be sold in just one particular domestic market, but also to all foreign markets around the world. Well, the typical a successful online affiliate in general can actually generate a self-income from hundreds to thousands dollar per month (especially, those e-commerce veterans who can easily leverage their revenue up to hundred thousands of dollar monthly through their years of hard work in running the business).

First of all, when it comes to questioning what could be the first step in running an online affiliate business successfully? Well, it is none other than to build your website with good content in which it can help you attract myriads of potential visitors. As an example, any sole affiliate can simply utilize the ongoing phenomenon of social media where all the information are widely shared which can target up to hundreds of millions of people around the world. Yes, the utilization of social media sites such as Facebook ads can be one of the powerful ways which can be implemented by any of us in promoting an online affiliate business that we have been running it.

Second of all, many business affiliates nowadays in general are navigating social media at free of charge and they have managed to develop their businesses using a certain type of campaigning method. Besides, many of those business affiliates may also turn out unsuccessful simply because they tend to forget or not pay attention closely on one thing that not all the social media users are interested in the product or service that they advertise. For this reason, it is necessary to identify the right targeted individual or grouped audience through series of segmentation so that when we attempt to promote our goods or services, these products will end up targeting the right prospective buyers who have interest in our products being advertised. In other words, it is commonly referred to “Targeted Campaign” which can be learnt in the field area of e-commerce subject.

Technically, the term "affiliate marketing" is basically defined as an online business activity which can easily be run by any of us (particularly, if we are considered as newbies) because our primary task is only to sell, sell, and sell other people's products on a virtual basis. In fact, we do not need to mess around with our vendors or merchants' production cost and all of their operational expenses in the first place. Well, this is one undeniable truth because to some extent, there are numbers of affiliate businesses nowadays who have earned themselves quite a number of life-changing influences financially, in which they are largely devoted to the online versions of doing their businesses. However, we need to keep it in mind that not everyone is fortunate enough when it comes to engaging themselves in these types of promising businesses (especially, those who are still newbies and possess lack of knowledge about certain key factors in becoming a successful online affiliate marketer).

1. Self Personality Factor
One of the common problems experienced by most of the newbies is that they never realize their own faults or mistakes done. Of course, there are motives or motivations behind it such as doing business to fulfill financial needs whether it is to change circumstances to have a better life, pay some amount of debts, wanted to stop working at office and stay relaxed at home instead, and many more. Similarly, we may these kind of personal intentions too whereby there must be a strong eagerness of motivation for us to run an online affiliate business since money is not an easy thing to earn in the virtual world. Whatever it is, our dedication of wanting to always learn and keep improving our skills are highly needed hand in hand to be able to succeed virtually in running any e-commerce businesses.

2. Mental Factor of Having Get Rich Quick / Instant Success Thoughts
Well, my point here is that some of us often thought of getting an instant result from what we do. Remember, something which has a value means that it requires hard work. Given as a simple illustration, if we want to be a famous football athlete such as Pele or perhaps Ronaldo's classmates, then a strong level of discipline and long routine exercises cannot be done instantly, even if we are considerably talented. So, in any online affiliate business is also the same. If we think of dreaming to find a success over the night while hoping to get rich soon from it, then, this online affiliate business is definitely not for us. Consequently, if this is what we think, then there is an absolute guarantee that we will just end up feeling frustrated because of failing to get the results and eventually, we will just keep wasting our time and efforts which can further lead us to desperation and surrender.

3. Time Dedication
In the beginning, it is crucial that we need to have a high quality of time dedication devoted to our online affiliate businesses such as conducting a research of niche market, identifying newly potential markets, performing thorough keyword research, writing articles, writing a sales letter, building a squeeze page, build a landing page, building backlinks, and so on. Well, the reason why these series of activities are seemingly important is because that is something which all the conventional businesses run in general do take some time to make a growth and progress before they reach their maturity stage. Thus, it is also similarly applied when we are dealing with our online affiliate businesses. While working as a freelance internet marketer, a strong degree of patience is considered something essential for us when it comes to relentless efforts contributed in generating any amount of commissions paid according to the numbers of affiliate products sold virtually.

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3 Most Popular Affiliate Programs
From the alternative choices of generating self revenue, the affiliate business of networking program is considered as one of the world's internet business model that can bring a huge amount of income. Being as an affiliate, a person must be cleverly ambitious in promoting and marketing the products offered by the manufacturers or merchants registered on that business networking. Because of the widespread and rapid development of internet access in today’s era, hence, one of the positive effects or the impacts posed from this technological expansion is to make more and more companies trying to take an advantage of campaigning their businesses productively through the the use of affiliate networking models.

Actually, one of the best way if you want to start a home-internet business is by becoming an Affiliate Marketer through the affiliate networking programs. By simple definition, an affiliate marketing network is basically viewed as a business networking program designed where we help other people to promote their products or services. When we attempt our best to generate sales of such a product or service, then we will obtain a certain amount of commissions, depending on how many items we have successfully sold. As for the affiliate networking sites which are the most popular ones among internet marketers out there, such giant e-commerce firms as,, and Rakuten Linkshare have been the top ranked preferences in earning a huge amount of revenue.

1. Rakuten Linkshare
Rakuten LinkShare’s affiliate network is an online business program where the activity is to connect affiliates and offering revenue commissions based on the cost per sales or cost per actions. In fact, this networking business program has thousands of merchants, including a few leading brands such as Macy's and Sephora. Due to the fact that Rakuten LinkShare is not a direct affiliate program, then, it is likely to become a very good choice for marketers who want to promote their products and services from many different sellers.

Well, briefly talking about Rakuten Linkshare, this affiliate networking program is owned by the giant e-commerce company from Japan named Rakuten. Until recently, this Japanese corporation has a great reputation among the marketers and blog publishers around the world, where the facilities provided on its platform website looks very user-friendly for its members to navigate the number of tracking clicks, conversions and commissions easily.

In the world of online retailer, it is no longer a secret where everyone knows that is the world's largest online store and one of the top-listed choices of doing affiliate business, in which it offers payment commissions up to 10% of immediate sales generated on certain products. Well, there are number of benefits gained the moment when we decide to join this popular affiliate program.

First, is a global company run which is one of the most trusted corporations in the world which provides confidence to its affiliate marketers in getting paid for the commissions on time. Second, a wide variety of great products available on the website is highly suitable for a large number of both marketers and blog publishers. Ranging from sports equipment to sunglasses to digital products such as music, e-books, and so on;’ affiliate program after all provides a payment of commission generously at almost all types of products being sold rapidly.

In the end, the affiliate networking business offered by is very much flexible to run because of its users’ panel navigation where everyone can easily utilize it. Through the use of tracking code of invoice system implemented by this giant online retailer from United States, thus, there will certainly be no issues of tracking our commissions earned in a more accurate manner.

From certain point of views, such a massive phenomenon of online business as of today seems to provide an appealing opportunity to attract those who wish to earn personal extra revenue in the era of technology. Well, one example of typical an online business opportunity for any of us who wish to take an advantage of gaining additional income on the internet is through the membership of affiliate program offered by one of the biggest and famous e-commerce sites called

First of all, is one of the largest providers of digital products in the world. Yes!, there are a lot of vendors out there who market their products on this site because of apart from having a good reputation in the e-commerce world, Clickbank also has the best online marketers globally who are ready to assist those vendors in promoting their products.

In reality of practical field, for instance, the Clickbank members are given an absolute freedom to choose any product that they want to advertise. There are hundreds or even thousands of the best digital product from the major vendors in the world which can be selected ranging from business consultancy, investment category, entertainment, education, health, games, sports, travel, spiritual, internet, computer, and so on.

Like any other affiliate business out there, Clickbank also offers commissions according to the sales volume generated. And what is even greater about this is the fact that under the membership of Clickbank affiliate program, the potential advantage of aiming substantial amount of commissions paid over any digital product sold can be up to 75% of the product price.

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General Overview of Corporate Culture
In general, it is quite obvious that every organization has its own corporate culture which is formed by certain distinguished pattern of beliefs, expectations, and some organizational influences that can direct and stimulate thoughts as well as behaviors of its members. And now, let’s just talk about how companies or organizations differ from one another by questioning Is there a difference that occurs if we get to choose, join, or participate in any organization that seems to have no culture at all?. Well, this is actually a similar case when running a sole business venture. Having said that, any businesses run by an organization or company must have its own standards and unwritten statement of expectations which appear to be influential to any unforeseen impact occurred in the future.

In the past, typical large entity such as IBM has never renowned its corporate culture by far in terms of dress code (e.g. a white shirt and tie for male). Besides, many software companies or producers which are technologically industrialized oriented have their own prestigious reputations for cultural flexibility. However, there are some companies on the other hand that apply a tight work schedule working for nine hours in the morning to five o'clock in the afternoon, while there are also others that expect their employees to work with extra hours during the weekend in many cases.

In addition to that, perhaps, it can be very natural to someone who has the habit of working overtime will expect to return home immediately as soon as when their duties have been done at office. However, when a person begins to work at a company that requires long working hours (e.g. coming home late because of working until midnight), then it will be very much likely to expect that he or she might not fit in with the job position and probably, the person would not last that long to stay working under that policy.

So, that is a similar case which also applies to the values of a company. Given as an example to illustrate the above issue further, let’s just say that if we join a company with a culture that supports values and does not make us feeling comfortable to work, then it will be most likely for our company to drive and trigger such a conflict of values in professionalism which in that case, it can further prevent us not to return home early (particularly, when we are given a hard task to be completed before deadlines).

And apparently, there is not even a single corporate culture existed which seems to be static because it can be changed whenever necessary. However, when a company begins to alter its corporate culture, it will have a tremendous impact on all the things like moving a giant iced mountain. Meaning to say, the iceberg seen on the peak of an iced mountain is always moving and if we happen to ignore that, then it will continue to float along with the water that can keep things affected from time to time.

Obviously, one person cannot change a company’s culture entirely. However, the role of being a strong leader can give a significant impact to his or her company’s organizational culture. The culture that a company possesses can either be maintained by its values or it can provide both directions and stability during recession. Regardless to this given circumstance, well, it is necessary to underline that such values can also limit a company in many ways in handling or overcoming various issues. Therefore, a company’s solid degree of stability is very crucial during its hardship period, yet, it can also act as a barrier on the other hand to achieve its organizational success in the long run.

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Justice as the Principle of Equality
When we look at what an expert argues about justice as a principle of similarity in the field area of ethical business, there was one American philosopher named John Rawls who came up with a theory stating that justice is the most powerful and influential aspect. Well, this John Rawls for our information is the one who offers a contemporary version of the social contract theoretically which comprehends the basic ethical rules as part of an implicit and necessary agreement to ensure the establishment of a corporate social responsibility.

Actually, the theory that John Rawls has proposed is proven to be influential in the theory of politics, economics, and law that deal with the theory of justice in which they consist of two major components:

a. A method used to determine the principles that should govern the justice of a society, and

b. Specific principles which are derived from the method used above.

Perhaps, we all already know in general that such a method used is a version of the social contract of hypothesis which can be a valuable tool in our own ethical decision-making. Imagine if people who are rational and have a personal interest should select and agree on the basic principles of their environmental being. For sure, we might have some perspectives that those people would turn out to be the members of a constitutional party or social community. Some specific principles of justice which occur from decision procedures are the valuable tool to aid us in thinking about the economic and business institutions. Owing to the fact that a fair decision is an impartial element of it, therefore, there are two core principles in regards to social justice according to John Rawls' theory.

Firstly, everyone has the same rights against the most widespread system of being independent. In this case, people will definitely demand a freedom of one's existence, as long as there is no intimidation, interference, or any harmful interest that are likely to sacrifice the equal rights to secure more freedom beyond limits. So, in other words, this is the first principle that argues equality is a fundamental element of social justice.

Secondly, the ignorant benefits and burdens of a society should be generally distributed in a fairly equal manner. To put it simply, it can only be justified if it does provide benefits to all the public citizens which provides everyone to have equal opportunities. Therefore, the principle of social justice according to the above American philosopher - John Rawls is that a sense of having similarity will practically imply a specific approach with respect against the issues of social and business prejudices such as tax policy, affirmative action, executive compensation, the government regulations, and so forth.

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Decision-Making Based On Ethical Principles
By etymology, the term of "deontology" or "deontological ethics" is very abstract, as it is somewhat difficult for us to comprehend its literal definition. However, the idea behind this approach is based on the ratio where the ethical principles can be considered as the type of regulation by which there are some rules that we must follow through in order to prevent the occurrence of bad consequences.

First off, the rule of law is one of the examples that we have to obey even if it does not provide any source of happiness. Similarly, as if we are not obliged to pay taxes, the money spent on some expenditures would be rather efficient for the cost of a college education. So, a decision making in a business context will generally engage many situations in which a person must comply with the regulations although the consequences on the other hand may not seem so desirable.

On top of that, when it comes to the educational perspectives, every work of research from students or even from scientists may have to be read carefully and diligently. For example, in the role of being a college professor as a lecturer and a faculty member, he or she may possess a certain number of responsibilities which cannot be neglected, though the person may feel comfortable for his or her responsibilities. Besides, this illustration is similar to a referee in the arena of sport competitions. Although it would be easier not to be fair, but the referee is still burden with a primary duty of task which is to enforce how certain rules of a game applied can be fairly exercised.

Furthermore, liabilities charged based on similar regulations can also be derived from the role of being a good friend (not being an annoying buddy), a helpful family member (keen to help doing a housework), a trustworthy student (not plagiarizing a friend’s homework), a dedicated member of a religion (contributing to the maintenance of a church building), an obedient citizen (following the general election), and a respectable neighbor (not throwing a garbage in front of someone else’s house).

Well, such an obligation to respect human dignity can be done in several ways. Perhaps, one version can direct us to act upon a regulation universally which is commonly accepted by everyone. As for the other version, we must do our best treat everybody equally and not just treating them as the means of achieving our selfish objectives. 

So, that is actually our basic task which is to treat others equally and respectably (not taking an advantage of them by all means just to obtain our personal lust). It is because we as human beings have our own intentions and purposes, therefore, we should treat everyone equally and not as a tool to achieve the goals of others. Due to the fact that everyone has the same basic obligation towards others, hence, every person has the same basic moral rights which is the rights to be treated with value or respect; the rights to be treated as an autonomous human being.

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Decision-Making Based On Ethical Consequences
When it comes to the subject of decision-making based on ethical consequences, the tradition of utilitarianism will be necessarily discussed, since it is rooted on the social and political philosophy both in the 18th and 19th century.

First of all, we need to understand that utilitarianism is part of a social movement which is resulted in the emergence of modern democratic market capitalism. While there are many of the neoclassical economic models as well as the flow of business and management which are being inherited for many years, hence, this particular philosophy is rooted in the thought of utilitarianism.

Basically, the doctrine of utilitarianism departs along with the belief that we should decide what should be done by considering the consequences of our actions. In fact, the doctrine of utilitarianism further informs us what the consequences of our actions should literally be, as we could act in such a way that might produce more consequences which are better than what we consider alternatively.

In regards to the consequences which seem to be "better" than what we may consider as alternatives, several aspects in human-being such as happiness, health, dignity, integrity, freedom, and respect from all those who are affected by can be enhanced. Therefore, if the value is a basic human happiness which is considered individually, then such an action that may improve it better can probably be done by other given choices as alternatives; considering and providing more reasonable justifications from one particular ethical point of view.

Perhaps, a decision that mostly increases number of values for the people’s interest might be the most sensible decisions from an ethical viewpoint. Such an emphasis of the greatest goodness for the sake of the people's interests at most is to make this utilitarianism perception as a social philosophy which provides a strong support for the institutions and democratic policies against all sort of biased policies that only aims to benefit a certain number of handful social groups, economic, or political minorities. Therefore, it can be assumed that both the economy and institutions are the utilitarian where they are at present acting to provide the standard of living for most people, as they are not only creating prosperity to a certain groups.

Meanwhile, one of the examples related to the business perhaps is the case of a child worker that will be more fit in to be discussed further under this behavioral issue. To assess ethics in regards to the child worker, firstly, utilitarianism would suggest the consequences of employing children in factories. It is clear to argue and we all can guess that this kind of illegal practice has many problematic consequences: children are suffering from physical and psychological dangers while they do not have the opportunity to enjoy education, being paid with low salaries will never allow them to get out of poverty, and so on. However, all these consequences derived should be alternatively compared to other results of decision-making.

Finally, questioning about what are the consequences if the children in poor areas cannot be employed in factories, well, there are several opinions arguing that the vital consequences will be these kids will never get the opportunity to enjoy an education that they deserve, they will be living in an extreme poverty which only gets worse, and they will have less amount of income which in that case, the only alternative available for them is to obtain additional wages by working overtime. Well, a child worker can give such an advantage to business on the contrary by bringing investment and money from abroad into the poor countries. However, in regards to certain opinions and observations, allowing children to work in order for them to get a penny of money seems to be illegally cruel in any circumstances.

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Ethics and Law : Are they related?
Normally, any discussion about the norm and standard of individual good behavior would not be quite comprehensive without considering some legal aspects. In fact, deciding what to do for someone in a business situation often requires further thoughts such what is need, expected, or permitted by law. The law provides a very important guidance in ethical decision-making. However, this does not mean that the legal and ethical norms are not identical and not to be acknowledged.

To begin with, some ethical requirements such as to treat an employee with respect which is often not required by law or perhaps treating an employee with respect can be ethically guaranteed. In contrast, some of the deeds attached in the sight of the law have failed to meet ethical standards such as firing employees without any good reasons. Perhaps, one common view to get to the forefront after the scandals which have been occurred recently whereby a business has to fulfill its social responsibility could possibly be perceived by simply obeying the law. Hence, the decisions made ethically regarding the business responsibility from above perspectives must be the decisions which merely comply with the law.

Furthermore, some businesses may decide to do more than what is required by the regulations, such as when a local business’s choice is voluntary. In fact, there are quite a lot of literature discussed about the management of corporate social responsibility. So, by complying ethics in which they are required by the law based on this management approach, anything else beyond is concerned with philanthropy and corporate charity which is something to be praised and allowed but not necessarily needed to some degree.

Meanwhile, many companies over the last few decades had created such programs in regards to their ethics by hiring professionals who are in charge of regulating corporate legal programs. However, some regulators who demonstrate great participation in their work field, it is said that most of them somehow focused on the issues of compliance unnecessarily. So, owing to this case addressed, we can look at Sarbanes-Oxley Act which created quite a lot of new dramatic nuances on the issues of compliance with the law. Perhaps, the most dramatic example is the history of Nazi Germany and Apartheid in South Africa whereby they proved that such an ethical responsibility of an individual may be contrary against the law.

Above all, the rule of law can be a serious mechanisms to prevent major damages, but not very effective in enhancing goodness. For example, there are still some countries out there that legalize child workers or discrimination based on the gender aspects. So, by considering the difficulty in an effort to make rules to regulate every possibility of the business challenges, the task required in order to support this effort will have its own specification where the numbers of the fields set will be difficult to be handled as the end outcome.

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Ethical Decision-Making, Personal Integrity, and Social Responsibility
As the title of the above subject, the approach of business ethics first of all will put emphasis on ethical decision-making. Unfortunately, none of the articles written in relevance to this concern are able to make people ethically responsible or change their behavior willingly. The assumption of a decision derived from the profound and meticulous process will result in the decision which is more ethical and responsible. So, in other words, decision making and responsible consideration will most likely generate a more responsible behavior.

By theory, the word ethics technically refers to the academic discipline of history many centuries ago; witnessing and hoping that the knowledge gained from the history can be one of the main goals in learning ethics. Therefore, when students wish to learn about the exact meaning of ethics, they are expected and advised to learn from some experts such as Aristotle, John Stuart Mill, and Immanuel Kant.

In addition to that, for most people ranging from the professionals, business students, or even lecturers are expected as well to know ethical behavior, not just simply taking it as the ordinary information or studies about ethics. After all, the word ethics do not only refer to an academic discipline, but it is also referred to the territory of human life such how we humans should live our lives decently.

On the other hand, another part of the concern in teaching the ethical subject could be the potential abuse, by which some teachers are expected to influence behaviors to their students as a green light in order to implement their own views. However, many of us believe that teachers should remain neutral in the class and respect their students’ point of view.

Furthermore, there are many factors that may influence a person's inner behavior such as threats, guilt, pressure, intimidation, and bullying. Given as an example, we sometimes or perhaps notice that several executives involved in their corporate scandals in which the worst recent one seemed to be very shrewd in using those ways to motivate people who work under them. However, not all the forms of behavior are affected to these concerns since there is a major difference between manipulating and persuading someone (particularly, between threats and reasons). Because of the aim of studying ethics should attempt to produce a more ethical behavior, hence, the only legitimate or academic way to do this is through by knowing how to perform a careful decision-making in a more reasonable approach.

Meanwhile, when it comes to the matter of personal integrity and social responsibility, another aspect of ethical behavior which requires our attention is the fact that social conditions also have a strong influence towards behavior. Well, some of us might have thought about this issue carefully after looking at certain circumstances then decide what should be done in implementing such an action suggested. As individuals, we must realize that our social environment will greatly affect the range of options which are available to us, as it can affect our behavior significantly. Perhaps, people who are ethically good, in circumstances, may be doing a bad thing. On the contrary, there are also individuals who possess low ethical behavior could possibly do the right thing.

Finally, there are some philosophers who typically emphasize that ethics presume to be normative which in that case, it is related to the reason of how we ought to act. Social sciences such as psychology and sociology also have been researched in regards to the decision-making and human action. However, it has been claimed that these studies appear to more descriptive by the results.

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