In general, we already know this absolute truth that the role of communication is literally vital in our daily lives, since it is the heart and the soul of human beings talking and interacting with one another. The process of communication, by practical approach, mainly covers speaking, listening, and writing. Nobody actually learns grammar to study his or her own mother tongue prior to their birth. In other words, it is a natural phenomenon for us to view or notice that we tend to grow and practice speaking customarily according to what others speak around us. After all, we gradually develop a better sense of understanding within the passage of learning period as the time passes by.

First of all, we don’t study grammar of our own mother tongue to use it for daily speaking. However, when we need to polish our own mother tongue, we have to study its grammar as we normally do that. When it comes to learning a new language (particularly, English), it is also necessary to study the importance of its grammar which cannot be neglected. Thus, before we decide to do that, it is important to understand what and how the English grammar is structured constructively in order to comprehend it better.

By definition, grammar is defined as the study of words and the ways of these words work together. An invisible force that perhaps can guide us unconsciously while we tend to put words altogether in constructing sentences in a better sense. Any person who communicates using a particular language can either be conscious or not literally aware of the grammar utilized in their spoken language. Therefore, in order to speak in a clearer and more effective manner, it is unquestionably vital to study the grammar in the first place.

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