In IELTS, the Speaking Test part is the last section after a candidate has successfully completed the rest of three challenging sections (Listening, Reading, and Writing) conducted in the first place. So, when it comes to this part of the exam, your speaking ability will be practically assessed by these following criteria:

a. Fluency and Coherence : An examiner will expect to see how good you are able to express ideas and opinions clearly without long pauses and hesitations

b. Lexical Resource : Your ability to apply a wide range of vocabularies naturally when you speak up your ideas or thoughts in regards to the topic given by an examiner

c. Pronunciation : Your ability to say the words correctly and clearly while you are talking to the examiner

Overall, the Speaking Test consists of three part of oral interview between you and examiner, as it will consume between 10 – 15 minutes long. Keep it in mind that all parts of interview carried out during this test will technically be recorded.

Part 1 : Self-Introduction Interview
At first, the examiner will begin to introduce him/herself and verify your identity (in many cases, you must have and bring your valid ID whether it is your passport or identification number). Then, the examiner will also start questioning you from up to three familiar topics: the first topic given, for example, may be about your work or studies; the second one could be about your favorite activities that you prefer to do in your spare time; as for the last or the third topic might deal with your personal viewpoint on public transportation in the area where you live at. This task, in overall, will last roughly about 5 minutes.

Part 2 : Individual Long Turn
Following the self-introduction interviewing stage, the examiner will provide you a task card with a topic given and other lists of items that you must discuss them thoroughly. There will be one minute given for you to prepare your notes, and then begin to talk about your given topic for about two minutes (in case if you fail within those two minutes, the examiner will stop you). In many situations, the examiner will additionally ask one or two questions just to kill the time or round off the long turn. After all, this section takes 3 – 4 minutes approximately, including the one minute preparation (notes taking).

Anyway, the Speaking Test takes place at a different time as it is usually conducted on a different date. It is the last part of IELTS’ structural test after a candidate has successfully completed the rest of three challenging sections ranging from Listening, Reading, and Writing. After all, it is compulsory for you to arrive at the test venue or location 15 minutes earlier, as you must prepare and bring all the necessary stationery in the first place such as pen, pencil, sharpener, eraser since you will not be allowed to borrow those equipment from other candidates (especially, the moment when you have officially entered the exam hall).

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