Perhaps, the following strategies below may refer to the practical skills that are always significant to use for certain types of the IELTS reading module questions.

Firstly, it is advisable that you should include the words which are essential to answering the questions correctly. Such correct answers, in fact, can contain fewer than the maximum number of words stated according to the instruction given. In completion tasks with words extracted straight forward from the reading passage, you must do your best to try predicting the type of answer that you are merely looking for. After that, the next step is skim the section that you have particularly identified and look for the word synonyms or paraphrases. So, try to think about both sides (the meaning as well as the grammar) and remember to use the exact words from the reading text.

Secondly, you should read the options carefully with other choices given in a box. It is very much possible that there could be more than one option selected for you to be able to complete the sentence, as the options will have the same grammatical structure. So in other words, you should pay your attention and focus more on the meaning instead and therefore, you should be capable enough to consider all the options provided in the box.

Dealing with the multiple-choice tasks, first, you should try to get rid of the options that may appear to be logically wrong. So, try to eliminate them by putting a cross beside when you are positive to confirm that they are the wrong choices. Perhaps, you also need to remember that in some cases, an option revealed may be true but it does not answer the question.

Then, it is recommended to double check your answer again. Remember, the answer that you choose is not only correct according to the passage, but also it has to give an appropriate reason or explanation to answer the question or complete the sentence. So keep it in mind that whenever you think that you have discovered the most correct answer in the multiple-choice questions, you have to double check that the rest of other options are definitely the wrong ones.

In the category of matching tasks, you should try to think of different words to describe what is in each picture and look for the keywords from the text given when dealing with matching pictures to sections of the text. Similarly, when it comes to matching the statements, try to identify the keywords carefully in the statements and look for the synonyms or paraphrases of these keywords contained in the passage.

Surely, it is necessary that you are advised to do the skimming technique over the given passage beforehand so that it can help you to build up a mental map of the reading text by noticing the main idea of each paragraph. Well, this is a good idea where you can match as many headings as possible without requiring you to read over the passage again and again. After all, you should also try to write down the number of all possible options that might be suitable and fit in to answer all the questions provided.

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