When it comes to the reading section of TOEFL iBT test, you probably will see two or three types of sentence restatement questions which present a statement from the given passage, and then will ask you to choose which sentence that best restates or summarizes the information in the original sentence. Perhaps, the correct choice will not look like the original sentence since it will use different grammar and vocabulary, as well as substituting synonyms for words under the original sentence.

Practically, there will be special directions given for these types of sentence restatement questions which simply tell you to select the choice that has the essential information from the original sentence. Additionally, those particular directions will also tell you that the incorrect choices omit or eliminate important information or change the meaning of the original sentence.

Hence, to help you finding the correct choices, it is recommended that you must identify the sentence that summarizes or simplifies the information from the passage given. In other words, a choice that gets rid of details and examples from the original sentence might appear to be the correct answer as long as it does not leave out the significant information contained. The following section below is the sample of a passage from one of the preview reading tests that you may take a look at in order for you to have a better idea about sentence restatement questions.

As you can see from the above sample, the first choice expresses part of an idea that invasive species leave their native environment behind, but it does not include an important idea from the original sentence which is ‘Invasive species have an advantage over the native species because they have left the dangers found in their home environments behind’. While the second choice is the correct one because it provides the main idea of the original sentence and it does not give the examples mentioned in the original sentence: predators, parasites, and competitors.

Perhaps, there might be some little differences in grammar and vocabulary between this second choice of answer and the original sentence. However, this choice is the one that best restates and summarizes the original sentence given in the first place: ‘Native species are at a disadvantage compared to invasive species because they face environmental dangers from invasive species have left behind’.

Overall, when attempting to answer the types of sentence restatement questions, you must bear in mind that the right choice has the same meaning as the original sentence, but the key is it may simplify and summarize the original sentence.

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