Urine & Blood Test

To begin with, there is no doubt that the type of a diagnosis procedure is essentially required to obtain a certainty about whether someone is suffering from diabetes or not. Well, the reason is simply because if only paying attention on its symptoms inflicted alone is not enough. Thus, if we wish to analyze the symptoms accurately, then the next step which is best suggested is to conduct a thorough diagnosis of medical scrutiny in the laboratory.

Technically, the test laboratory diagnosis as we know is practically done through the specific methods and medical tools to get a notion of whether or not if a person is suffering from diabetes. And, the good news is that when it is conducted through the laboratory test, there is a high level of accuracy that it will provide an absolute reassurance to a patient who suffers from diabetes.

In addition to the above diagnostic procedure, we can easily find out the precise type of diabetes which a patient has suffered from, as well as it can help us quickly to identify what could be such contributing causes. However, we must bear in mind too that to some patients who have low economic background, this type of laboratory test is indeed very costly even though the results given compared to the cost incurred would be accountable and highly useful.

Actually, when talking about how the diagnosis procedure is carried out, the process can be done in two different ways; the urine and blood test. Firstly, the urine test is a laboratory test that is performed by taking a urine sample and it does involve a comprehensive check-up. So from here, the sample of urine taken from the patients is used and diagnosed in order to find out the content of sugar inside the urine.

Secondly, let’s say that the urine test is already done by taking the urine sample from the patients, then the next one would be the blood test which is performed by using the patients' blood sample. At this stage, the patients' blood sample is extracted to be examined in order to analyze a certain degree of sugar level that they have. And usually, this type of diagnosis can be done twice, i.e. the first blood sampling is carried out before a person is advised to perform fasting roughly for 8 – 12 hours prior to the examination, and the second blood sampling is performed 2 hours after a meal.

Then, following the above test procedures once they are completed, the next stage would be a person’s amount level of blood sugar is grouped into three classifications; normal, pre-diabetic, and diabetic stage. In the case of normal stage, firstly, it is a condition where the level of blood glucose indicates that a person has a small risk of suffering from diabetes, but then it still can develop into something more harmful which can potentially evoke other complications. So, that is where a person’s level of blood sugar may possibly be in the safe area which is why it is still considered as a normal stage.

Secondly, the pre-diabetic stage is referred to a condition where a person's level of blood sugar is mildly higher than normal, but still it is not that risky to be diagnosed and claimed as diabetic. So, in this condition, a person actually has a high risk of being infected with the symptoms although there is a case where a patient’s level of blood sugar can return to a normal condition. Therefore, to someone whose level of blood sugar included in the category of pre-diabetic stage, that person is considered to have the risk of getting heart disease which in this case, it will lead the patient to be in the diabetic stage.

Last but not least, the third condition which is the diabetic stage is a condition when a person's level of blood sugar is already at risk; breaching the normal bar of pre-diabetic blood figure. So, in this case, a person is absolutely confirmed to have suffered from the disease where he or she is at the high risk of suffering more severe complications and other dangerous health issues.

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Gestational Diabetes

By far, Gestational Diabetes is basically occurred due to the condition of having a pregnancy. So, in that case, the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin to control blood sugar at a certain level which is harmful for the mother and her fetus. Normally, gestational diabetes is diagnosed between 24 to 28 weeks of gestational period. As a result, the condition of a woman’s fetus during that period has formed the organs inside her body.

Actually, gestational diabetes is supposed to not cause any harm or defects in a woman’s fetus. However, the uncontrolled gestational diabetes seems to be highly risky for the baby simply because of these following reasons:

a. The potential of miscarriage occurred during a medical operation
- Because of the body of a baby born is fat, so it may not be possible for a mother to give a natural birth. In other words, there is a higher risk that a newly born baby may not be delivered safely during the operation since there is a potential miscarriage occurred during the delivery process. Therefore, it is recommended for any pregnant women to have their medical check-up prior to the period of their pregnancy between 24 to 28 weeks.

- In addition to that, the typical symptoms of gestational diabetes are mildly normal and not life-threatening to the pregnant women. However, the risk of uncontrolled diabetes can seem to be quite fatal at the same time. In any case, the treatment for those women who suffer from gestational diabetes should be given immediately so that it can help them to keep the level of their blood glucose at normal stage.

b. Higher risk of miscarriage in the next pregnancy
- Although the symptoms usually disappear after giving a birth, however, if the symptoms are not properly treated or controlled, chances are the risk of suffering from this disease can further develop into type 2 diabetes (the non-insulin dependent diabetes). Meaning to say, any pregnant women who suffer from this disease will also have a higher risk of miscarriage in their next pregnancy.

- Perhaps, the implementation of healthy diet is always associated with consuming food of rich nutrients based on the adequate principle of nutritional amount which is considerably important for a woman’s body. Perhaps, this sort of dietary program can be done by multiplying the amount of vegetables and fruits consumed, controlling the amount of fat, and so on. After all, the implementation of a dietary program can also be carried out by avoiding the habit of consuming alcohol too often, or by doing some physical exercises on a regular basis.

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Type 2 Diabetes

Unlike the type 1, this type 2 diabetes or also known as non-insulin-dependent diabetes does not depend on the insulin. In other words, this is the main difference between the type 1 and the type 2 diabetes. 

Speaking in the case of type 1 diabetesthe sufferers tend to have a dependency on the insulin injections. It is because their pancreas organ cannot afford to produce insulin either in a sufficient amount or in an optimal capacity, hence, the pancreas organ of those who suffer from this disease in the case of type 2 diabetes is able to produce insulin with a sufficient amount but their body's cells do not respond properly to the insulin produced.

Despite having discussed the main difference above, the type 2 diabetes is the disease which is caused by the body's cells and it does not use insulin as a source of energy and therefore the body's cells do not respond properly to the insulin produced which is supposed to be released to the pancreas. In other words, the kind of term used under this type 2 diabetes is called and somehow referred to insulin-resistanceAs it is caused by the insulin resistance of glucose which cannot be utilized properly, the cells occupied in the blood will be accumulated (the longer they stay, the more they are compounded). Thus, when this insulin resistance occurs, it will make the pancreas producing insulin excessively which eventually and as a result, it will reduce the amount of insulin produced uncontrollably.

Meanwhile, people who are overweight tend to have a higher risk of experiencing insulin-resistance because of the disturbing ability of the fat cells in their body. However, this does not prevent the possibility of people who possess slim body to be potentially struck by the type 2 diabetes. And speaking from the medical viewpoints, there are two primary causes of the occurrence to this type 2 diabetes; firstly, due to the genetic factors (descendants) and secondly, due to the hyperglycemia (the high level of blood sugar). 

For example, if a parent is suffering from diabetes, then it is most likely that the son or the daughter can also suffer from it. Well, suffering from the type 2 diabetes can also be triggered by other causes too, especially when people have the low frequency of daily activity, lack of exercise, less healthy lifestyle, and excessive body weight (especially, around the waist).

As of today, the type 2 diabetes (non-insulin dependent diabetes) is currently the most common type of diabetes which assault and attack people at all age. And surprisingly, the number of patients who suffer from this disease is much more higher than those who suffer from type 1. After all, bear in mind that this type 2 diabetes, in many cases, can occur gradually at a very young age.

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Type 1 Diabetes

Basically, the type 1 diabetes or also known as juvenile diabetes is the type of diabetes which is mostly happened in children. Perhaps, the reason why it is referred to as juvenile diabetes because people in general who suffer from this disease are normally those children and the young adults. However, we need to keep it in mind that regardless its classification, this kind of diabetes also can strike people at all age.

By medical term, there is another name given to this particular disease where it is known as the insulin-independent diabetes. The type 1 diabetes is basically a disease that can occur due to the disorders of pancreas organ; causing the organ failed to produce insulin proportionately. After all, our pancreas plays a pivotal role in balancing the degree of our blood glucose.

Furthermore, our functional organ so-called pancreas literally generates the amount of insulin level in a little capacity so it cannot fulfill the needs to regulate the optimum of blood sugar level appropriately. In the most extreme cases, when the pancreas is incapable or even no longer able to produce insulin, those who suffer from this type 1 diabetes as a result should get the insulin injection regularly which is why it is referred as another name called the insulin-dependent diabetes.

Meanwhile, one of the reasons why our pancreas is unable to run its task optimally is owing to the destruction occurred in beta cells within the organ area, which plays a significant role in producing the hormone insulin. Perhaps, we may be wondering why these beta cells happened to be destroyed or getting damaged? Well, the exact cause is not yet to be known by far. However, it is said that strong allegations leading to autoimmune or the immune system of the beta cells are found to be the foreign objects that occupy the pancreas organ which in that case, they are suspected to be the primary cause of type 1 diabetes.

The immune system in the fight against bacteria and viruses destroys the insulin-producing beta system in the pancreas, as if another cause of this deterioration is also highly suspected to be due to the genetic factors (descendant of family) as well as the viral infections. In any case, causing a lack of insulin production and glucose in the blood vessels, eventually, cannot be absorbed into the body's cells as the fuel. Hence, when this glucose cannot be used by the cells inside our body, it will end up being accumulated in the bloodstream which will lead to a high degree of starvation felt by those sufferers since they do not get the amount of sufficient energy from the glucose.

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Insulin & Blood Sugar

By definition, insulin is actually the hormone produced by pancreas in our human body the moment when we digest food along with the glucose as our blood increases. Pancreas, by medical term, is an organ in our digestive system which has the main function to produce the enzymes, as well as some of the important hormones such as insulin. Without insulin, the blood cells in our body cannot utilize the glucose properly.

To begin with, this organ so-called pancreas gland is located at the rear of its hull which is closely linked to the duodenum. Inside, there is a collection of myriads of cells whose shape like the island on the map. Each island, then, contains the function of beta cells hidden in the hormone insulin in which this hormone insulin holds a vital role in regulating the level of our blood glucose. So, the role of insulin basically is to stimulate our human body's cells to absorb glucose from the blood.

Apart from that, having the lack of insulin in our human body will make the glucose in our blood vessels cannot be absorbed by our blood cells. So, if our glucose cannot be absorbed by our blood vessels, then our blood cells in our body become 'famine' (giving us less energy); stimulating an increased production of the glucagon which evokes the fatty tissue being reshuffled as the storage for the food digested in our human body. Therefore, if this case occurs, then it will make a person gradually looking very skinny because of losing the amount of weight drastically.

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Key Differences between Hyperglycemia and Hypoglycemia

From medical perspectives, diabetes is one of the serious health conditions by which it is often occurred due to the hyperglycemia. Well, there are many more of plenty other diseases that take place due to the conditions of hyperglycemia such as heart disease and stroke. The low level of blood sugar can be as dangerous as it sounds because a person who suffers from this may end up being in a comma state (lost consciousness) or to some extent, having a brain damage.

In our daily lives, we sometimes notice that people who suffer from diabetes are at the risk of experiencing hypoglycemia. However, people who do not suffer from diabetes can also have hypoglycemia. The causes of hypoglycemia generally can be divided into two, namely are drug-related hypoglycemia and the non drug-related hypoglycemia. The drug-related hypoglycemia, firstly, is the type of causes which is due to the use of drugs. Well, this commonly occurs in diabetic people who are always taking their drugs in order to lower the level of their blood sugar. However, if the drugs were given too high, then this could react too much to help them lowering level of their blood sugar.

Secondly, in the case of the non drug-related type among diabetic people, the type of medicine used in order to treat their pneumonia may also be another cause of hypoglycemia. Besides, some of the causes can be due to the fasting, excessive physical activity, and the impact of food and drinks consumption. When it comes to the impact of drinks, the amount of alcohol consumption in large quantities can evoke hypoglycemia severely enough. Perhaps, it is because hypoglycemia seems much more harmful in a sense which can create depletion of the glucose to the brain; causing a person to have dizziness, to feel confused, to get tired easily, to have headache, to feel weak, to behave unusually (strange behavior), to fail in concentrating something, to have a vision disturbance (blindness), and the most extreme cases of such depletion of the glucose to the brain will cause the person end up in a coma state (lost consciousness) or even a permanent brain damage.

Meanwhile, the principle of treatment in hypoglycemia is to ensure that the blood sugar reaches its normal level. Several symptoms of the hypoglycemia in addition to this can be disappeared in a few minutes after consuming sugar in the form of the glucose tablet, fruit juice, sweet water, a glass of milk or tea, and so on. Therefore, to someone or for those who often experience hypoglycemia, they are advised to always carry the glucose tablets with them because of the effect triggered is much faster to take place.

Overall, people who suffer from diabetes must always seek and refrain themselves away from consuming food which contains lots of sugar, but it does not always mean that they must avoid it entirely. Whatever it is, the most important thing to remember is we need to understand how to regulate the amount level of our blood sugar in our body, so as to not be overloaded (hyperglycemia) or less loaded (hypoglycemia).

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Introduction to Diabetes

As a human being, it is our nature that we always thank God for what we see, what we feel, and what we have in this life. When it comes to our precious health, human body is one of the perfections created by God in which we are gifted with. Our body consists of trillions of cells whereby each cell works accordingly and functioning to do its specific task in order to maintain our healthy body. For example, there are millions to trillions of blood cells functioned to transport and distribute the oxygen from the lungs to other parts of the organs in our body. In fact, the typical healthy body is the true result of the balanced work from all of the body cells. Needless to say, these cells are the basic materials which consist of organs, tissues, bones, and so on.

First of all, our organs are basically the collection of joint-harmonious cells and are mutually supporting each other for the sake of keeping our body healthy. This is because the damage of the cells occurred will cause the failure of the organ functions as well as the balance of the internal organs by which we will end up suffering from a disease. As a matter of fact, every human body consists of various organ systems inside. These organ systems, for instance, are composed by the collections of the organs mentioned before. Every organ is formed by the collection of its networks, whereby each network is made up by millions of cells. So, the body and our health (especially, how important and significant they are) must be taken care of or looked after since they are all parts of the health issues that we need to pay our attention sincerely.

Second of all, when it comes to the concept of gaining a healthy life, it is actually from the realization of our healthy cells because the cell itself is the smallest and the most vital element that exists in our body. So, healthy cells which form their powerful network within, there is no doubt that the strong organs are the ones which will produce a healthy cell system. So, once again, we need to keep it in mind that in order to gain a healthy body is naturally determined by how well our healthy cells have been maintained.

Speaking in terms of a wide variety of functions, our cells also need certain nutrients of the food that we consume daily as the fuel in order to sustain the amount of energy needed for our body. Well, what we eat is basically something or the results of what we give to our body. And this is mainly because when we eat our food, some of the nutrients extracted will definitely go through the next phase which is our digestive process. Then, when it comes to the digestive process, our digestion begins from our mouth that creates the chewing movement and evokes chemical activity of the saliva (a liquid which contains the enzyme as well as the protein that helps us in digesting our food) inside. After that, further digestion will take place when the foods that we consume are traveled to our stomach and intestine along with the enzymes and acids melt together (pushing the amount of food digested to go through our stomach).

Following the above digestive process, the next stage is the amount of nutrients absorbed by our intestine will be carried out into the bloodstream which is needed by our body. At this stage, several chemical reactions are occurred in order to ensure the growth and the steady functions of our body's tissues. By the way, most of the food that we eat somehow is not absorbed by our body too.

Going back to the title of this discussion, one of the main nutrients extracted from the food we consume is actually considered as the type of fueling cells so-called glucose. Basically, this thing so-called glucose is obtained by the food digested as it contains carbohydrates. So, when these carbohydrates are absorbed by our body, they will be processed and produced as the glucose. Then, this glucose on top of that is absorbed into the blood stream through the wall of our intestine. The glucose will then flow within the blood stream and will be distributed to all of our body cells. So, our cells will absorb the glucose and they will take the energy which has been stored inside the molecule to perform their functions eventually.

By medical term, the disease so-called diabetes is basically referred and defined as an illness caused by abnormalities which are associated with the hormone insulin. The amount of hormone insulin produced in fact appears to be less because of the inability of our pancreas organs in our body cells are unable to use the amount of insulin generated perfectly. As the result of this abnormality, hence, the level of sugar (glucose) in our blood tends to increase uncontrollably.

Meanwhile, the amount of high blood sugar that we may have will constantly poison both our body and our organs. The short-term influence emerged as the effect of an increase in the level of our blood sugar may not be so visible. However, if it is in the long run, then it may seem frightening to say that the increasing rate of the sugar level in our blood can lead us to have some serious health condition. After all, the high level of the blood sugar occurred will cause our body cells less functioning. The declining ability of the organ functions in our body cells, consequently, will lead to health disturbance and severe diseases such as heart attack, stroke, amputation, etc.

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Benefits of Having a Corporate Mission Statement

Typically, we often notice that a company’s mission statement is usually and always attached side by side with its vision statement. Well, if a vision statement is generally viewed as the answer to the question "What would a company look like or become?", so a mission statement is the answer to the question "What a company is actually running in a business?"

To begin with this discussion, according to one of the literature experts named Drucker, he basically expressed his opinion that a company’s mission statement is defined as the basis of a corporate priorities, strategies, future plans and goals. In fact, such a mission statement that a company possesses is used as the starting point of designing managerial jobs and organizational structures. After all, a corporate mission statement is also said to be the result of a strategy gained from a company’s key responsibilities.

Following the above explanation, writing a compelling mission statement should consider several things which are required to be taken into account. Together with a vision statement, a company’s mission statement should be expected to be written beautifully on its organizational profile. In other words, to come up with a mission statement should at least inspire the stakeholders who are interested in the future growth of a company’s establishment.

Basically, there are few answers to which a company’s mission statement must be considered carefully. Following this matter of concern, the answers to a company’s mission statement must address:

a. What is the purpose of a company’s existence?

b. What is a company’s core business?

c. What is the value of principles or guidelines that a company sets as its organizational policies?

Well, when it comes to several elements of a company’s mission statement, it is technically emphasized on its organizational goals. So, going back to some strategic management theories, a corporate mission statement is actually the reason of why a company is founded or established in the first place.

Often, a company’s organizational goals are usually determined by the people who have major influences or power inside the organization which in that case, it can be the founder, the CEOs, or even top managers. Despite, another significant element of a company’s mission statement can also be seen from its organizational value. Perhaps, a company’s organizational value can possibly be inferred as a moral principle which is embraced by its stakeholders. So, we can say that it is more connected to the corporate ethics or organizational beliefs that a company adopts which distinguishes its right and wrong behavior. 

Given as one example to illustrate the above aspect clearerwe may have a look at The Eastman Kodak Company’s value and principle described as follows:

a. Respecting the dignity of each individual

b. Integrity

c. Trust

d. Credibility

e. Continuous Improvement

Last but not least, the following explanations below will elaborate several other key benefits of having a corporate mission statement.

a. Ensuring the alignment of objectives between corporate functions. Obviously, a company must have its own managerial levels and functions respectively. So, these organizational functions can only be aligned through a mission statement set by a controller which is a company itself.

b. Being as a cornerstone to improve performance and resources of a company. Meaning to say, a mission statement can be used as the tool to motivate and improve employees’ performance as long as if a company’s mission statement is conveyed properly from top to bottom.

c. Being as a cornerstone of a company’s resource allocation. In other words, a mission statement can be helpful to assist a company in allocating its corporate resources at the right place.

d. Establishing the general atmosphere of a company’s organization. Having a mission statement can support a company to create the feel of its corporate environment and therefore, it can further assist a company to accomplish its future growth or ongoing development.

e. Helping the people who work in a company to conform their organizational purpose and direction, so as to prevent others from lack of participation. It is because such a mission statement can be used as part of the guiding policies to direct all the people involved in a company, so both the organizational purpose and future business goals of a company can be achieved eventually.

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General Understanding of a Corporate Vision

Often, it has been widely known that companies usually display both their vision and mission statement on their organizational profiles. Although it is sometimes appeared to be simple and rarely noticed by others, however, a company's vision and mission statement turn out to be seemingly crucial for the organizational growth. Bottom line, the only purpose of why it is essential for any companies to have their own organizational vision and mission statement is that they will have a clear direction where they will run ahead in the future.

By etymology, the word vision historically comes from the Latin language called 'videree' which means going or looking forward. In fact, such a company's vision statement can be interpreted as the answer to the question - "What does this company wish to become?" or "Who they are?". So from that, we can see that the objective of a corporate vision is something that needs to be known before a company begins to run its business course.

Normally, such a statement of a corporate vision will vary which depends on the ideas conveyed by the founder or the owner. Therefore, prior to the establishment of a company’s mission statement, a company's corporate vision should be developed on the first basis. When referring to the business dictionary, a vision statement is theoretically defined as the description of a company’s goals that aim to be achieved either in the short term or in the long period. Additionally, when these objectives are set, it will be very handful for companies to have their clear guidelines in running their business course and actions, both in the present as well as in the future.

Meanwhile, any established companies or organizations out there are free to create their vision statements as they wish. However, keep it in mind that such a corporate vision should be adjusted based on several aspects, namely are:

1. It must be realistic, simple, and clear.

2. It can bring a challenge that needs to be overcome.

3. It can reflect both the goals and aspirations of a company.

4. It can be translated into organizational objectives and strategies.

6. It can be used as the guidelines for directions, instead of being used as the binding rules.

7. It has to be reasonably accepted and formally declared by a company’s top management.

Furthermore, such a corporate vision is basically part of a company’s aspiration. Besides, this is similar to the people like us who have our own aspirations, which can be realized naturally by our behavior. A vision statement from the organizational perspectives will absolutely provide a vivid guidance regarding what a company will be planning to become in the future.

For example, let’s say that there is this company that produces notebook or laptop. And obviously, that company must have its own vision statement so that they will know what to produce such as the type of notebook or laptop that may offer special features in the market. So, if let’s say that there is a competitor happened to compete in the same industry but unfortunately, this competitor does not have its own particular vision statement. Well, there is a high possibility to see this competitor will be prone to be exposed to certain amount of risks simply because of not having a clear path or a business objective set as part of the corporate guidelines. Regardless to the potential risks that may occur as the result of not having business goals, there are key advantages that a company can have by having its own vision statement:

a. Mapping and controlling both directions and organizational goals. Because a vision statement will provide the basic guidelines for a company, everyone who is involved working in the organization will be able to understand the basic purpose of why their company exists.

b. Increase motivation and creativity of a company's strategy. Well, having a vision statement can also provide motivation to the employees who work which is practically similar to their personal dreams.

c. Provide the basis of strategic planning. A vision statement can act as a company’s source of business ideas in planning and developing its comprehensive organizational strategies.

d. Integrating and coordinating several organizational functions applied in the company. Well, a company’s vision statement will make all of its employees engaged and integrated as one organized system.

e. It can be used as the time recovery during the moment of crisis. When a company experiences a failure or being hit with a crisis, then it is necessary to renew its objective and direction through the evaluation process of its initial vision statement.

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