The Founding Father of KFC
Nearly all the children in every city across the globe know exactly this popular fast food restaurant called the KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). As you can see from the title of this article, the founding father of the world’s chained fast food restaurant is none other than “Harland Sanders”. As of today, KFC is one of the biggest fast food restaurants in the whole world where its outlets are spanned in more than 100 countries. So, what would be the thrilling stories and life aspects that we can learn from his journeys in establishing KFC business empire? Well, we are soon going to explore and find out about those details in these following paragraphs.

To begin with, Harland Sanders was born as a poor child whose life was full of unpleasant twists and dilemma. He began to pursue his business at the very old age, precisely after his career retirement. Harland Sanders was born on September 9, 1890 in Henryville, Indiana. He was active in franchising his business at the age of 65. Prior to franchising his business actively, he had been attempting to improve the taste of his fried chicken discovery so that it would be exceptionally delicious for people to eat it. As we are most probably aware of his famous secret recipe where he used 11 special herbs and spices, well, the result of his experimental food discovery has produced a tender, savory and crispy chicken meat. Nevertheless, he decided to use a special cooker to fry his chicken faster so that customers would not have to wait too long while ordering the menu.

Back in the day when he was 62 years old, it was really unfortunate, yet, quite devastating that he had to sell his house and used his remaining pension money to travel from city to city. Just like the other successful business pioneers, Harland Sanders also possessed a huge dream about someday, there would be many people who would enjoy eating his food.

Unfortunately, after visiting and demonstrating to almost 1000 restaurants at promoting his recipe, Sanders was terribly rejected since all the restaurant owners were reluctant to adopt it in the first place. However, this terrific failure did not discourage him at all. Instead, he continued to visit the 1007 restaurant where he hoped that the owner would at least buy and inherit his recipe eventually. Yet, this 1007th restaurant that he came to visit also did refuse him. Despite having the fact that he had constantly been refused for thousand times, however, the 1008th restaurant owner ended up liking and would like to try his recipe which in that case, it totally made him thrilled and he felt incredibly excited. Anyway, seeing how successful the growing expansion of his business franchises are commercialized globally, there is no need to be surprised at finding KFC restaurants exist in every corner of this entire planet. Regardless to his extraordinary entrepreneurial achievement, however, he passed away shortly after a year long visit to all of his KFC restaurants; died from suffering leukemia at the age of 90.

Meanwhile, if we happen to have looked at and read his biography once before, surely we will be amazed by his strong endurance in facing and dealing with hardships for his life survival. As an example, at the age of 6 years old, he had no choice but to work and earn money like an adult since his father already passed away while his mother on the other hand was very old at that time. Hence, this is the only reason why he had to put up with the above dilemma; being practically obliged to look after his two younger siblings (one whose age was 3 years old and the other one was still a baby).

When Sanders was 7 years old, he was often asked to work as a cook and getting paid for a salary. Then, at the age of 10, he worked on the agricultural land with a salary worth 2 dollars per month. Luckily, he was not that unpleasant or dissatisfied with his low monthly income because he could perfectly understood the fact that he had to be independent no matter what, especially in the midst of his family's economic recession back in those days.

Next, when Sanders turned 12 years old, his mother gradually fell sick so at this specific moment in time, he felt uncomfortable staying at home and decided to find a new job in the Greenwood, Indiana area. Following his departure on behalf of seeking a new career, he continued to change occupation quite frequently to the point where he ended up working as a parking lot officer at the age of 15. Six months later, he ended up enrolling himself to serve in an army where he was sent to Cuba. After that, he worked as a firefighter, having a job as as salesman of an insurance company, working as a ferry boat operator, tire seller, and so forth.

Following his inconsistent career paths, Sanders then decided to return to his original passion at the age of 40. In this case, he simply wanted to cook again and what he did was he made his food and served it in a workshop room. Quite miraculously as it happened, there were more and more people came over to try his mixed food recipe, for which the consequence of having more customers during that time had forced him to relocate and search for a bigger place; a new building that could at least accommodate over 150 people in capacity. Subsequently, by the time when he found and moved to a newly bigger place, he then pursued to finalize both his recipe and cooking expertise.

The governor named Ruby Laffoon back in 1935 had once awarded this Kentucky Colonel for his endless contributions in serving a myriad of people with his unique taste of food. However, this particular self-recognition or personal achievement did not last that long because he knew that in the early 1950s, several new inter-state highways were planned to be built up across the city of Corbian where his restaurant was currently operating. At this stage, he had no other options but to leave his newly built restaurant and this had forced him again to look for another available spot.

Finally, after paying a certain amount of business expenses for his business relocation, he received his $105 in social reimbursement. Following the year of 1964 when he was 74 years old, the number of his franchises had reached more than 600 outlets across the United States and Canada. After that, his perfect masterpiece which is the KFC restaurant became a public listed company on the New York Stock Exchange in 1966. In the end, the Kentucky Colonel was severely attacked by the leukemia disease as he took his last breath at the age of 90 in 1980, especially after completing his one year visit to all of the KFC restaurants around the world.

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Thomas Alva Edison – The World’s Entrepreneurial Inventor
Okay, we are now going to look at this particular biography of the world’s greatest scientist and entrepreneur who ever contributed to the evolvement of human civilizations. Alright! Thomas Alva Edison. I’m sure that his name does ring a bell to you, doesn’t it?. Yes! He was basically one of the world’s famous inventors in the history of scientific world. In fact, he had successfully invented roughly 3.000 discoveries for which around 1.903 of them were officially being patented. Compared to other inventors who prefer to be labeled as scientists, Thomas Alva Edison was sort of into entrepreneurship. As a result, the outcome of all his inventions were tremendously commercialized, which ranked him as one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all times.

Basically, one of the world’s giant companies such as General Electric is the result of Edison’s business endeavor in entrepreneurship. In fact, he has many priceless discoveries which are contributed to the development of mankind. Printing Telegraph, Electric Pencil Sharpener, Refinery Mining Equipment, Electric Torpedoes, Magnetic Rubber Synthesis, Batteries, Cement Mixer, Microphone, Telephone Transmitters, Screen Projector, and moving images are some of the examples of his remarkable inventions. Not only that, however, Thomas Alva Edison was also credited to be pioneer in the field of cinema where he combined photographic films which produced millions of dollars.

Perhaps, when we talk about his personal expertise, Edison was naturally gifted in terms of technical ability, perseverance, enduring spirits, and the soul of sharp business instincts. He was born on February 11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio – United States. His father worked as a carpenter while his mother’s occupation was a teacher. For the record, both his parents were the descendant of Netherlands who later emigrated to America.

Next, when Edison turned 7 years old, he moved to the town called Port Huron, Michigan and attended his early education there. Surprisingly, it was a huge turning point in the moment of his life. Well, he accepted the truth that he was very dumb to the point where his past teacher even called him with the name ‘an idiot’. Knowing the news of Edison being called as an idiot, Nancy Elliot Edison (Thomas Alva Edison’s Mother) was furious. She then vowed and swore that she would make Edison smarter than other kids in his generation. Since then, Edison no longer attended his regular school, as his mother became a personal tutor for him at home.

Following his mother’s decision to become Edison’s personal mentor and teacher, Nancy Elliot on top of that decided to quit working as a formal school teacher and began to put her entire concentration on teaching Edison in reading, writing, and math. Since the day when he was able to read, Edison became very hungry for knowledge. He began to read the Encyclopedia, history of the United Kingdom, dictionary of scientific books, Principia Newton's essay, and also Chemistry essays written by Richard g. Parker. Although he was thirsty and hungry for knowledge, however, his family’s economic background was still relatively poor at that time.

In addition, Edison commenced to work as a newspaper seller, selling candy, nuts, biscuits in a commuter train line that ran between Port Huron and Detroit city when he was 12 years old. The result of his enduring hardships in which he earned his money working as a salesman, well, some portions of his personal income were given to his parents and the rest were used to establish his own business partnership.

While he was working as a salesman back in his early days, Edison asked for permission to use some free spaces at the railway gate to perform his very first experimental project. And after getting permission, he then began to perform his hands-on experiment. However, there was such an accident took place during his experimental project. Without intentionally having chemical fluid spilled on the floor at the railway carriage located near the entrance while he was conducting his very first scientific experiment, those free spaces he rented were almost completely burnt. Again, it was purely an accident that the chemical fluids were spilled and fell down on the floor during his experiment. So, after knowing the news of his experimental accident, the train conductor became very mad and hit Edison. Since that incident, his hearing sense became disabled.

Apart from that, although he ended up becoming a deaf person, however, the consequence of his past accident where he got hit so severely did not upset him at all. Instead, it was amazing to learn the fact that Edison was grateful for that because he felt that he could gain more concentration to think and not hearing other people’s crap.

In the year of 1861, the civil war raged between the North and South region in United States. And the headline issues of war times back in 1860s became the center of people’s attention. Cleverly as he was gifted with an extraordinary business talent, Thomas Edison quickly saw his opportunity where he decided to purchase an old printing tool worth 12 dollars per equipment. Consequently, he successfully managed to have produced his newspaper brand name that he called it “The Weekly Herald”. It was the first newspaper which he printed it inside a train and was commercially sold on a fair basis reaching 400 copies in a day.

Furthermore, when Edison turned 15 years old, he happened to rescue the life of a chief train operator which nearly crushed the entire train carriages. As a gratitude payment of Edison’s fearless act, the chief then gave him free lessons about the operational process of telegram. Shortly after that, the 15 year old Edison got himself a new job as the telegraph operator thanks to the heroic act that he did in saving the chief train operator’s life.

Meanwhile, a short time after looking at how the Telegraph worked, Edison was driven to challenge himself towards making his first scientific discovery which later to be patented called the electronic vote recorders. However, his first discovery was not well-marketed at that time so Edison then decided to switch his attentions eventually into something like rather more commercial discoveries, and this was the momentum where he invented the telegraph machine. Fortunately, it was rather successful indeed in which the equipment of telegraph machine he discovered was sold $40.000 in revenue.

Still during that period, Edison was in need of accumulating more money. In short, he finally gathered all the funds he needed and the money he earned was subsequently invested in building up a new factory in Newark which employed 300 workers at once. At this particular life phase, he reinvented and developed the Telegraph further where it could now transmit 4 newspapers at once; making him a very successful and wealthy person within couple of years.

As all of his inventions were dramatically increased, Edison also had successfully established the industrial research laboratory located in Menlo Park, New Jersey when he turned 29 years old. And then, after several years ahead, there were roughly 400 kinds of discoveries he invented which later changed most people’s life patterns around the world. In the year of 1877, it was the year when some of the scientists were encouraged to make a discovery of lamps which later stood out as the mankind’s basic necessity. And of course, Edison did not want to lose this opportunity so he eventually he had to spend 40.000 dollars during the past two years of his enduring experiment for the  sake of inventing lightning bulbs.

Technically, the main obstacle of bulb discovery was to find materials which could be attached to an electric stream and expected not to get burnt. About 6.000 more or less materials used in his bulb experimental project. Then, after dealing with all the struggles and showing relentless efforts, Edison’s scientific discovery of lightning bulbs as we call them ‘lamps’ were finally emerged on October 21, 1879. It was the first electric burning lamps ever invented and capable of standing up for 40 hours long.

Finally, the year of 1882 was the period where all the electric lights got installed along the streets and houses for the first time in the history of human civilization. As he got older in following year of 1920s, Edison’s health condition significantly declined and eventually, he took his last breath at the age of 84 on October 18, 1931.

To summarize his entire milestones, Thomas Alva Edison was clearly the type of a hard working person where he used to stay in his lab doing some experimental scientific projects and he only slept about 4 hours a day. After all, we as human beings are truly indebted to his remarkable and priceless discoveries until now. Well, if not because of his ingenious ideas and great perseverance of making numerous inventions in the past, I’m afraid that human civilization would be very unlikely to sustain such basic necessities to live a life comfortably in many years or so.

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Soichiro Honda – The Founding Father of a Giant Motor Company (Honda)
As of today, if someone mentions a vehicle so-called “Motorbike”, surely the first name that most probably comes across to our mind is a person named Honda. However, there are more moving, yet, compelling life stories behind his voyage of building up a business empire. Normally, if people mention a brand name of any motorbike in some villages, they tend to call it by the name Honda (not Yamaha). So, Honda and the motorbike can say are perceptively identical. However, did you know that this founding father of Honda company was initially a poor person and failed in running any of his business quite frequently? Well, we’re about to explore and discuss it further; explaining why his business eventually turned out to be so successful which has grown over the next decades.

First of all, Soichiro Honda was born on November 17, 1906 in Iwatagun; a district where it is now renown as ‘Tenryu City’ in Shizuoka, Japan. Geographically, this area was located between Tokyo, Kyoto and Nara where at that time was also surrounded by several of the well-organized factories. However, those regions nowadays are already part of the birthplace of Honda Hamamatsu becoming the largest and official district in that city.

Second of all, when we talk about Honda’s family background, his father’s name was ‘Gihei Honda’ who worked as a blacksmith and later decided to switch his profession by becoming one of the entrepreneurs at running a local bike shop while his mother 'Mika ' was the eldest child of 9 siblings. During Honda’s childhood, he already helped his father working in that local bike shop. In short, when Honda was at school, he did not stand out as a clever student, yet, he had a huge interest in learning science. Therefore, he was seemingly quick to understand and answer all the questions given by his teacher at that time instead of attempting to fabricate his school grades.

Furthermore, when Honda turned the age of 12, he began to assemble his own motorbike with brake foot model by himself. And, at the age of 15 after graduating from junior high school where the school building located miles away from his hometown, he found himself a job offered by a car repair shop in Tokyo after reading over his father’s magazine subscription called ‘The Great Invention of The World’s Wheels’. So, during his first work experience as a car repair mechanic in Tokyo, Honda was paid low but he still liked his job. In his heart, there was only the roar of an engine noise which he loved the most.

Following his work experience as a car repair technician, Honda then went to apply working at Hart Company. At this stage, he was known as a hard worker and was considered as someone who was very meticulous in details. In other words, he was very responsive to any of customers’ complaints, as there seemed to be nobody who could exceed or outperform Honda’s extraordinary job performance.

Following several years of working at Hart Company, his boss then assigned him to open up couple of new branches when he was 21 years old. The young Honda, during this employment, really enjoyed every single process that he encountered. For example, he was seen to work overnight until dawn very frequently owing to his curiosity in trying to experiment something as well as demonstrating a great passion in his work process.

In the period of radius length of gears’ inches which still applied the wood material back then, the young Honda cleverly noticed immediately the weakness on the shapes. Following this, he then decided to create the metallic ruji model as tailored gear components, as these products were eventually sold out quite successfully. Then, by the time when he turned 30, he signed his first patent over his metallic ruji gear invention; gaining him the amount of equity he needed to establish his own local bike shop.

Following the momentum of his ruji-metal gear invention, Honda was keen to make the Ring Piston model as his next experiment. Unfortunately, his second experimental attempt during this time was rejected by Toyota due to the company’s misleading consideration which claimed that the product made by Honda would not be sold very well in the Japanese market. At the same time, he was hit with an illness and fell sick quite seriously.

The lapse of two months later no matter how his health had improved following the above disappointment, he was able to manage and run his workshop again. However, in regards to the issue of working out his Ring Piston experimental product, he was struggling to figure out a solution he needed which in this case, it made him curious again. As it happened to be quite frustrating over the creation of his Ring Piston gear project, one swift approach that he took deliberately in attempts to overcome his gear issue was he decided to sign himself up at university lectures on mechanical engineering classes by becoming a college student. And after his completion of practical study majoring in engineering course, he then went to his bike shop straight away to exploit all the knowledge and skills he earned from his college degree.

Next, prior to his rare admission as a college student back then, he actually once explained to his Dean about the intention of his enrollment. He stated his reason saying that it was not due to the pursuit of formal academic certificate, but rather than due to his tremendous hunger for knowledge based on a great deal of self-curiosity. Unfortunately, his explanation was squarely considered as a mockery. However, with a great level of resilience in learning and countless effort of self-made progress contributed, his Piston Ring gear’s design at last was accepted by Toyota Company.

To summarize the entire milestones into one comprehensive ending, Honda continued to extend his businesses into the automotive industry, especially after years of struggles in establishing a solid brand name for his motorbike company. After all, he had more or less than 100 patents towards the end of his life journey; placing the brand name vehicle ‘Honda’ on the top list of the world’s high quality motorbikes.

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Warren Buffett – The World’s Greatest Investor
“The World’s Greatest Investor” – if you have been engaging yourself in the area of stock market industry, you most probably are familiar with a person who is entitled by this recognition. 'Warren Edward Buffett '; an old man who was born in Omaha, Nebraska (United States) on the 30th August 1930. For the record, he was crowned as the third richest man in the world according to the Forbes magazine back in 2010. He is the main CEO of giant investment holding company called Berkshire Hathaway and speaking of his social circle, he has been a close friend of Bill Gates (The Owner and The Founding Father of Microsoft Incorporation). Bottom line, his fortune has been giving him a global fame all these years and he was once ranked number one as the richest man in the world before he got replaced by his close friend Bill Gates.

Historically, Buffett is the son of an unsuccessful stockbroker man. Since his childhood period, this old man has terrifically been fond of money and he was very certain at that time declaring that he would become a very rich person one day. As he perceives highly that a poverty issue is closely related to committing a crime, Buffett at his early age had already showed a mental spirit of sole entrepreneurship. In fact, he used to be a door to door salesman; selling a vending machine of candy and soda, pinball machine, magazines and newspapers. He was a very different from other children at his childhood as you notice, and he has a very high interest in how to invest his money and growing it bigger.
First off, Buffett is the type of a business player who does not want to mess around with so-called analyst experts Unlike the most players in a world of stock market, Buffet himself would rather prefer to see a company's financial reports, observing the performance of a public listed company’s executives who are under his control, instead of letting himself occupied with those technical analysis and some viral rumors.

For example, when the techno companies became a hot bid, Buffett chose to close his ears and did not execute any purchases on internet-based companies alike such as Global Crossing and; the ones that had never beaten in the market back in those days. And as a result, his buying stock principle not to make any share purchases on techno companies was getting scorned by a myriad of technical experts. Instead of putting himself into something that he was not interested in, he preferred not to respond with growing forces of speculations, and he told his partners (the shareholders of his company) to remain patient and silent.

In addition, his life principle about trading stocks remains consistent with what he had learned from the book that he bought written by Ben Graham's called The Intelligent Investor. And for additional information, Ben Graham himself was once his teacher and best friend at one time. So, this person named Benjamin Graham was actually the major influence on the foundation of Buffett’s stock trading principles such as having a strong mental attitude as a businessman against profit-making temptations.

Next, when talking about his personality, he is rather unique compared to other wealthiest people. Despite having an enormous amount of wealth worth more than hundreds of trillion US dollars, Buffett still lives at a Stucco home where he bought it after his marriage in 1958 with a price of $31.500. According to him, he stated that he got everything that he needed by the time when he bought his house; a property which only consists of 3 small rooms with the shape of a wood-paneled look without a fence, which is even more similar to the model of Farm Barn gambrel.

On the other hand, Buffett is also widely known for his long-term investment quotes. And the most famous advice he frequently shares when dealing with a matter of value investing decision will be "If you don't feel comfortable owning something for 10 years, then you shall not have it even for just 10 minutes".

When commuting to his head office back and forth, he personally drives his own branded car – Cadillac DTS without a driver or even without a bodyguard. As we learnt the fact that even his personal owned house was not fenced, Buffett has a jet aircraft manufacturer in the world. And, whenever he has done with his work at his office, he immediately returns home, making popcorn, either watching television or playing the bridge game. After all, the only luxury stuff that he owns is the private jet called Gulstream IV which belongs to his holding company – Berkshire Hathaway

Meanwhile, being popularly known as one of the richest people in the world who has a very distinctive taste, many people (that includes us) may wonder why he does not appear to fancy living in a luxury and ostentatious lifestyle. Well, back in the day when he was asked quite frequently by several journalists regarding why he did not buy a yacht, for example; he wittily responded by saying that "Most of these toys (all the luxury properties), they just piss my head". From here, it is clear that Buffett himself is the type of a person who does not like to brag things or show off private properties.

Been residing in Omaha for many years, Buffett retains a very ordinary lifestyle as he sometimes walks down to the town, do the shopping on groceries, dining in a restaurant without feeling that he is the third richest man in the world. Even around his neighbors, for instance, whom they often see him enjoying a little walk in front of his house and greeting him by saying "Morning Warren, how are you today?", he simply greeted them back, went on smiling or even sometimes, he loved to throw his little jokes while having conversations with those neighbors.

Finally, despite his unique personality and ordinary lifestyle, Warren Buffett like the other philanthropies also gives donations to various charities, universities, and social organizations; especially, the moment when he decided to donate a staggering amount of large money to the Bill Gates Foundation. After all, this legendary investor has been rewarding himself over the years now with a personal salary worth US $100,000 in a year – a very small amount of pay check for being one of the richest people in the world.

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Carlos Slim Helu – The Billionaire from Mexico
Without beating around the bush, let’s just jump to discuss and talk about a person who was once crowned as the world’s richest man in the year of 2010. For those who do not have any clue who might be the person was, the answer is the Mexican business pioneer named 'Carlos Slim Helu' who was born in Mexico on the 28th of January 1940. Well, in the list category of the world’s richest people according to Forbes magazine back in 2010, Carlos Slim was allegedly to have replaced Bill Gates from the top position. In fact, he owns roughly 200 companies with a total asset value of approximately worth USD$ 53.5 billion. By the way, his wealth was actually far greater than what Forbes magazine had estimated.

On the glimpse of rough calculation, Carlos Slim's wealth reached up to 7% of the total GDP of Mexico. It is indeed a very staggering figure, particularly when he was asked by several reporters regarding his response to the questions of his wealth. According to him, he emphatically answered ''If we keep bothering and thinking of other people's opinion about us, well, we will probably die quickly''.
At the age of 10, he was working as a salesman selling a bunch of sweets and drinks. When he was at the age of 14 alongside his Father, they both moved to Mexico from Lebanon. Regardless this fact, his Father was married and had six children and Carlos Slim is the youngest child among his siblings. As of today, one third of the giant companies listed on the Mexico stock exchange are all under his control; covering a wide range of business sectors such banking, automotive, and telecommunication industry.

Talking about his educational background, he was literally honored with a Bachelor of engineering graduated from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. Following this first degree qualification, he got married to his wife ''Soumaya Domit'' in 1967. Currently, he is a widower with three children since he got divorced when he was 27 years old.

Meanwhile, Carlos Slim was lucky enough to inherit from his parents’ assets in the form of house property which was then sold at a reasonably high price. In the scope of running his business, he was often accused with unethical actions because he bought companies cheaply and later sold them at high prices. However, he is now listed as the owner of Telmex (Mexico's telecommunications company), Telcel (Mexico's largest mobile phone operator), and the America Movil (mobile phone operator in Latin America's parent company).

When he was at the age of 28, he was honored as the best entrepreneur in Mexico thanks to several numbers of leading companies that he owned such as Telefonos de Mexico, America Movil Group Financiero Inbursa, and so forth. Besides, his wealth was getting bigger thanks to his huge investment in a company called the seChairulor telecommunications. At the time when he decided to put his enormous investment in that telecommunication company, it was a very seductive business for him which he thought that it would continue to grow in the next few decades. Under his company called Telmex, he controlled 99% of fixed telephone network in Mexico; ruling the Mexico telecommunication market astonishingly with a portion of  up to 80% in its market share. By the way, the number of phone users of his telephone network company he owns has exceeded more than 110 million customers nationwide.

Finally, although he has a tremendous figure of personal wealth, Carlos Slim however rewards himself with a salary only US$ 24 thousand per month. When judging from his personality, he is basically the kind of guy who does not like to live such an extravagant lifestyle like the other wealthy people do. Subsequently, this Mexican business tycon likes to travel to several remote areas during his spare time, as he is also known for his charitable acts where he gave a considerable amount of donations which were used to help local communities in building up their businesses.

Overall, according to his personal wisdom and principles, he believed that after gaining such an enormous amount of profitability from all those years of hard work, the money he earned from his business empire must be returned to pay back the people who are more in need. In other words, he strongly believed that "Poverty cannot be overcome by granting donations alone'' which means by helping the communities to establish their source of livelihood through entrepreneurship, it is far more useful to do compared to just walk around the streets and delivering free Christmas presents like the Santa Claus.

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Bill Gates – Owner of the Giant IT Company (Microsoft)
William Henry Gates III or famously known as Bill Gates, is the boss of the giant IT Company called the Microsoft. As we know, his staggeringly massive wealth and his excellent managerial ability have made so many of us amazed. Well, following his retirement as the CEO of his own company (Microsoft), Bill Gates' much attention and personal goals are most recently focused on being a philanthropy; helping countless needy people in the areas of health and education. After all, Microsoft itself is the world's largest IT corporation which has been the top market leader in the software industry.

Hard Work
To begin with, Bill Gates was born in Seattle, Washington in October 28th, 1955 and has been placed as the world’s richest person according to Forbes magazine for 13 years (from 1995 until 2007). However, back in the year of 2008, he was in the third place being as the world’s wealthy person after the greatest investor and businessman named 'Warren Buffett'.

When it comes to a sense of professionalism, Bill Gates is typically the kind of guy who gives his best in doing whatever he does. In fact, he even once told his mother that he wanted to be ‘all in’ working on his very first project as if he would not meet his mother for the next 6 months and that was simply because he wanted to firmly concentrate on creating something out of his best. So back at that time, Bill Gates regularly slept for 8 hours in a week where he spent most of his time working in his small office with a couple of his very first employees. Under the normal circumstances where there was no coming up project inquired, he spent most of his time working 16 hours a day. However, as he gets older, he decided to have reduced his working hours. For example, when he reached the age of 50, he worked roughly 12 hours a day.

Talking about his early young age, after he successfully completed his first tailored computing program, he put its license and sold it to IBM. Since that moment, Microsoft continued generating a massive stream of cash flow and profitability figures worth millions of dollars. By the way, a person who played a huge role in making a deal with IBM was none other than Steve Balmer. As of today, this right hand man of Bill Gates named Steve Balmer is now the CEO of Microsoft.

Following the year of making his first deal with IBM, Bill Gates still realized that he lost to Apple in terms of business competition even though Microsoft had been continuously generating a large amount of profit. At that time, Apple already launched a product called the Macintosh which was a personal computer that featured a point and click interface, not the type of a command-based one. And so because of this, Bill Gates was driven and he continued to improve the quality of his program. Unfortunately, even though it was already 2 times that he did such an improvement on his program, however, Bill Gates still lost to Apple in terms of business competition. Perhaps, one good reason why he failed to beat Apple was probably because of lack of potential human resources back in those days since at Apple company; most of its staffs were the former employees from major big players such as 'HP' (Hewlett-Packard) and 'Xerox'.

In addition, Apple once experienced an internal issue of the 'miss management' business acumen, as the most important person at that company who was none other than 'Steve Jobs' (Rest in Peace) ended up getting kicked out from his own company disrespectfully. So, ever since the day when Steve Job was banished from his own company, Microsoft became the standard industrial software which already dominated the market.

On the other hand, family matter has been and will always be his greatest priority. In fact, Bill Gates himself is known as the mummy son. So, whenever there was a launching event of a new product released by Microsoft, Bill Gates would always come forward to introduce his mother to public. Unfortunately, it was a seriously devastating moment for Bill Gates as soon as when he heard his mother passed away. He wept like a cry baby while speeding his car in attempts to come and visit his late mother for the very last time, as there was a police officer who happened to stop him from speeding up on the road.

And, as soon as he got busted due to his recklessness of speeding up on the road, Bill Gates then opened his car door in which the police could immediately tell that he was the richest man in the world. After he got inspected by the police, Bill Gates wept again as he told the police that his mother died. And fortunately, the police was merciful enough that he immediately allowed Bill Gates to proceed his journey back visiting his mother’s funeral.

Meanwhile, despite having known for his incredible hard work, Bill Gates is also considered as the type of guy who is perfectionist when it comes to love matter. For this reason, this is the thing that probably caused Bill Gates to get married late at the age of 37. Prior to his marriage, he loved asking questions to any woman whom he wanted to have a date with anything related to science. And luckily, he eventually found himself an ideal type of woman who happened to be one of his employees at Microsoft and later became his wife – Melinda Gates.

Above all, back in the year of 2000, Bill Gates resigned from his position as the CEO and delegated the responsibility to his old friend – Steve Balmer back in the year of 2000. As of today, he is now the head division of the research and development of his own company Microsoft. Although he is not as young as whom he used to be, still however, Bill Gates remains to not spend his time working above 12 hours in a day as he spares more of his time by reading books instead of being in front of a computer all the time like he used to do.

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Technical Analysis : Some Necessary Thoughts & Logical Assumptions
Apparently, it is clear that there is a set of rules or assumptions that probably should be explored before embarking into any area of studies in daily trading. As you have learnt from the previous articles discussed, such a technical analysis relies heavily based on the price movement within the general stock market’s framework. In other words, it is what a share’s price movement itself which means over the short term to the long-term.

To begin with, it is presumed that a well-rounded security analyst who utilizes all the necessary inputs must be a very inquisitive person where he or she will be anxious and curious to know why a stock is moving up or down. So in this regard, it is often to be the case that a good technical analyst is claimed to be or must be an even better fundamentalist in terms of logical thinking.

And then, the stock market as we are aware of is one of the leading economic indicators which is compiled by different resources. Although the fact that a market is usually concerned with day-to-day business development as well as worldwide news events, however, its primarily concern lies upon the expectations of a market itself. So owing to this regard, the market therefore is perceived as more of a barometer than a thermometer.

Perhaps, one can witness a stock initiate as a major downtrend while earnings are the most favorable one for a trader to keep an eye on. The reverse peculiarity for instance would occur if a stock commenced a major downtrend just before earnings began to show a significant recovery. At this point, we have to figure out at least regarding what could possibly be some necessary and logical thoughts to approach some assumptions in the scope of basic technical analysis? Well, you are about to find out soon enough since they will be discussed shortly under these following elaborations.

#Assumption 1
- As it is mentioned before that a market is generally regarded as the barometer rather than a thermometer. To some occasions, the market is usually discounted in  advance with movements that are likely to be the result of ‘informed’ buyers and sellers at work. Perhaps, it may be necessary that you should never forget the technical implications of the market analysis as explored, since the price formation or the pattern evolved is due to the supply and demand of market behavior for the most part, which also includes the result of one's act from the fundamentalists, speculators, and so on.

#Assumption 2
- Then, the next assumption should not be complicated for you to understand and accept since it deals with basic dynamics of a share or the law of supply and demand. As you know, there are numbers of buyers for every seller of stock playing in the market. However, one of the forces in relation to that appears to be more influential to some extent, especially in the long run. For example, if 50,000 shares of stock were to change hands on a downtrend in particular against a concession that represented a large spread from the last sale, you probably would assume and expect that a seller was a stronger influence than the buyer. Then, if the buyers were all that anxious to purchase a stock, it would be logical to perceive that the trade would have taken place with little or no concession of price at all.

- The technical term so-called "accumulation" normally occurs when a stock moves from weak hands to strong ones, or more importantly when the supply is eliminated from the marketplace. In fact, such a trade being executed could take place upward in the sense of price movement. Hence, before you notice when a stock experiences its markup phase (be it as the minor or the major one), the period of accumulation will eventually occur before the stock enters into a downtrend stage.

#Assumption 3
- The third and the last assumption given is probably or significantly tied to the previous ones discussed. Well, it is based on one's thorough observation that practically deals with the scope and the extent of market movements which correlates one another. As an example, a short stage of the share price consolidation in most cases will be followed by a relative short-term movement; going up and down in the share’s price while a larger consolidation phase on the other hand can lead to a greater stage of stock price movement. So, any stock movement triggered against the price consolidation in the market usually tends to have a strong relationship one another.

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Day Trading Online
In the past, only stock brokers, specialists, and market makers had personal access to a market and for placing orders. However, everyone now can have the same access to the stock market where they can sell and buy stock rights online without having to keep in touch with a broker. Every day, there are numbers and variations of online resources can frazzle our mind psychologically. And such useful resources, in fact, can range from informational websites, online magazines, portal educational sites to interactive trading markets which are uploaded daily. Well of course, this doesn’t include online publishers where you can purchase stock investment books from a certain sites such as or other financial and media business sites.

First of all, one of the changes that an online trading market faces in the process of instigating is no longer concerned with trading hours. Floor-based trading activity, for example, normally takes place between 9.00am to 4.00pm traditionally. However, ever since the emergence of online trading came to existence, it utterly changed all of that which in this case, many people speculate that 24 hours trading system appears to be far more sufficient enough to some extent.

Second of all, many online trader sites which are moreover available on the internet do offer stock picks and some particular recommendations or suggestions to the people who register on their sites, so as to subscribe to email newsletters. In this case, you can personally find the typical online chat rooms and active bulletin boards where you are free to post messages as well as follow-up responses. And of course, the idea here is mainly to provide a market of communication for firm experts, experienced individuals, and even to a certain number of amateurs who are just getting started.

On the other hand, many people will offer information based on their personal opinions, experiences, and level of education. The opinions expressed, perhaps, may seem rather helpful or misleading but the experiences and the degree of education could be more of reliable to you, particularly in the process of learning. Subsequently, listening and heeding advice can sometimes help you to avoid foul mistakes that others have made. However, it doesn’t absolutely guarantee you that you will not be mislead into making bad decisions. Simply put, you have to perform your own research, self-education, take classes, and weigh up advices on your shoulders according to other cross-references or your instincts.

Anyway, the following lists below here are several examples of current websites organized according to some appropriate categories.

Media Websites
- ABC News :
- CBS Marketwatch :
- MSN MoneyCentral :
- ReutersMoney Net :
- $Wall Street City :
- Dow Jones Newswires :

Trading Websites
- The Daily Trader :
- Online Trading Academy :
- :
- :
- The Motley Fool :
- Investor Words :

Online Magazines
- Fortune Magazine :
- Money Magazine :
- Business Week Online :

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