Attempting to Boost Our Brain Capacity – What Might Have Gone Wrong?
Normally, when we run over a nail with our bike, it is easy to make a quick diagnosis with a flat tire, since it will be much easier as well to fix it by our own (patching the leaking section and pumping the tire immediately). However, it is a different story if we are not an expert in technology where any malfunctions inflicted in a computer can be frustrating because we do not understand what could be the sources of problems which cause our computer’s part of components locked or even deleted. Therefore, if we do not know what could be the problems are, we are left with no options and there is nothing we can do to repair it in the first place.

To begin with, our brain is such a mysterious, yet, a complicated organ embodied inside our head. Unfortunately, most people out there are clueless or they do not have any idea whether they should consider a brain disorder associated with a disease (Ouch! Where do I leave my belly button ring? – this is simply a kind of neurological hiccup or a little signal for example when someone is suffering from a brain illness).

Basically, there is a lined difference between brain function and its intellectual capacity which is worth pointing out. In fact, the function of our brain which is associated with an aging process actually includes other components such as memory and concentration but not a sense of intelligence. Perhaps, intelligence is not a solely dominant factor to keep our brain functioning well. However, it might be more due to the scope and definition of an intelligence itself which has been perceived differently by our own visions. Additionally, there might be some gender differences entailed in that particular point of view. For example, we notice the fact that men use their brains more quickly to act and solve problems while women have a better lateralization whose core ability to analyze a complex topic of household issues.

While the standard instrument which is the IQ test frequently applied to examine the ability of our brain in measuring things logically, verbally, and mathematically, however, there is also a kind of emotional intellectual test that many people believe rather helpful and accurate to define who we are (i.e. our ability to connect and interact with others is just as important as keeping our brain health condition safe and sound in overall).

Alright, when it comes to discussing about things we can do to develop or enhance our brain capacity, it is essential that we have to realize this one particular fact – we all have a unique brain and that should not be judged easily by a set of standardized test. Perhaps, people who are mentally retarded when they are getting measured by an IQ test may cause others to have a deep insight into an extraordinary thing. Therefore, it can be said that there are some things we simply know nothing about beyond our normal capacity in regards to the way of how our brain works and how it gets malfunctioned which in turn can provoke a serious brain deterioration.

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