What is Vision?

A leader by theory is often regarded as a "visioner" (someone who has a vision), yet, there are still others who favorably dispute over the most critical task of being a leader which is to build a vision. Well, it is absolutely one challenging task by any means in many cases. However, the point that needs to be emphasized here in addressing the above issue is that the type of an aspiring leadership figure with ambitious pictures in his mind is the one whose job is not only to establish and communicate all these ambitions to his followers, but also is the one who has the ability to convince his followers and guide them to do what is necessary so that his future goals accomplishment can ultimately be reached.

Obviously, the typical transformational leaders do not just think of a vision created and take it for granted regardless whatever risk they are exposed to. Why? It is because this sort of thing is more than just a way of speaking like an astute salesperson. In other words, the transformational leaders often develop their long-term visions for which at least, some of their needs of long-term ideas may inspire their followers. So, that is the truth and the act of creating a "vision" entails more thorough process than just building the vision itself.

Furthermore, the process of developing a vision is not always referred to having a plain dream. Many years ago, there was one TV show in America called Predict Christwell which happened to be broadcasted and presented every week by Mr. Christwell - an elegant grizzled man with a tuxedo, as this man would stand in front of camera and speaking with a distinctively enchanting tone. At that time, he basically attempted to perform his own prediction, for example, predicting that in 2000 people would all fly in a private plane or mini jet. Besides, there were other future predictions where this man tried to demonstrate as well during his show telling that mankind would later communicate one another using a video call. Whether he was indulging in creating a wild fantasy in his head or was merely attempting to commercialize his variety business show, however, a few of his predictions (if any) somehow never came true.

To conclude the above elaborations, it is clear that predicting the future is something beyond human’s power. However, to determine a vision is not always concerned with predicting the future aim that we have to see it become reality someday no matter what. Thus, by determining our vision is basically an initial and a fundamental path towards building up the future that we want it. Since it involves a long sequence of numerous decisions to be made, hence, the activity of constantly thinking harder is inevitable in its process.

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