Steve Jobs – The Genius and The Founding Father of Apple Inc.
For many years, everybody knows or at least must have heard this global phenomenal brand named Apple which has been touching the lives of millions of people with its sparkling and groundbreaking technological inventions. Yes! Iphones, Macbook, Itunes – these are the products and services belong to that giant IT company which was originally founded by Steve Jobs alongside his old pal back in his garage when they first opened their business venture prior to becoming the owner of a public listed company worth 2 billion US dollars, employing more than 4,000 workers across the globe. So, what exactly made him extraordinary among the prominent business pioneers towards the end of his life in 2011? Well, we will get down to it shortly in the next paragraph discussions.

First of all, Steve Jobs is Syrian-American-born on February 24, 1955 in California, United States to the couple Abdulfatah Jandali and Joanne Simpson. As a child, Jobs was adopted by Paul and Clara who later became his foster parents and had his name changed from Abdul Latief Jandali to Steven Paul until he had been known and widely recognized better by his famous name Steve Jobs.

Like most other children in the early days of his life, Jobs did not exhibit any extraordinary signs of talent. He attended Junior High School and Homestead High School in California and following the completion of his secondary education, he tied a knot to Laurene Powell in 1991 and shortly after that he decided to pursue his university degree at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. During his time as a student, Jobs's critical thoughts began to mold. He started to question and argue very frequently about whether the knowledge he had been learning all those years were really needed for the success of his future life. In short, within 6 months of troublous period, he firmly decided to drop out from his college, yet, he still followed the course he was fond of which was calligraphy.

Second of all, after leaving his campus in 1974, Jobs once worked as a technician at a company that designs circuit boards. At this stage, his passion for computer science was increasingly polished. Through his personal experience with a computer during his incumbency as a circuit board designer, he felt that this was the momentum where he truly discovered his life passion.

Two years later after inventing his core interest in 1974, he then decided to invite his old pal Steve Wozniak to establish an IT company together bearing with the bitten apple logo that we see today. Through his Apple Company, he had always been driven to change the world. And after 10 years of hard work, his company Apple Inc. released its first flagship product in the form of a computer called the Macintosh. Unfortunately, due to some disputes of differences in his company’s vision, him as the founder of Apple Inc. was forcibly sacked by his own company owing to his stubbornness and temperamental behavior which were deemed unfavorable for the company's organizational atmosphere.

However, the repercussion of being unfairly dismissed by his own company did not discourage him at all to keep innovating. Instead, he established another sole proprietorship and named it the “Next Company” that created the operating system which Apple needed. Through this newly business venture, he approached and requested Apple to acquire it. In sum, his effort to persuade Apple turned out to be successful and this as a result served him automatically to his former position as the CEO of Apple Inc.

Finally, following his return in 1997 as the Apple’s reappointed CEO, he consistently made a big series of breakthrough innovations through the launching of his groundbreaking product discoveries such as the iPod, iMac, iPhone, iPad and iCloud which made Apple managed to reap a staggering level of profitability in revenue. However, his unyielding entrepreneurial spirit sadly must come to an end right after his doctor diagnosed him with a pancreatic cancer; announcing that his condition would not sustain that long. Following this, he then made a resolute decision to step down immediately from his prominent position as the Apple’s big boss on August 24th 2011. Following this, Tim Cook was later appointed to replace him as the newly official CEO and shortly after two months, this man who was known for his "extraordinary sense of creativity, innovation, visionary goals" took his last breath and left his entire legacy behind on October 5th 2011.

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