Google AdSense – Audience Engagement Tips

In the era of digitalization as of today, information accessibility is at our fingertips. We can easily obtain such an information that we look for from anywhere anytime on any device. Just a few taps pull up on our smartphones, for example, millions of websites will all pop up and compete for our attention. To publishers, engaging with your audience has never been more important or challenging. To provide high-quality content is crucial for building a relationship with your audience, hence, driving more positive interactions.

a. Help your audience become familiar with your content

- 60% of millennial surveyed expect a consistent experience from brands whether they interact online, in store, or via phone. Do your own analysis to separate or distinguish your content from your competitors’ image to leave a lasting impression on your site’s visitors. One way to do this is to establish a consistent brand presence across the many touch-points your brand has with your audience.

b. Develop content that resonates with your audience

- Users are visual, compulsive sharers, and they expect personalized approach. Do try to get into the minds and the hearts of your target audience. Put yourself in their shoes and question yourself about what exactly do they want and need in terms of relevant information, ideas, inspiration and entertainment. This is because content that carries emotion is more likely to resonate well with your audience. Perhaps, you could start by telling your own personal stories to draw and keep them engaged. After all, people respond better to stories which are contextualized and resonate with their interests.

c. Make your content authentic and easy to consume

- Engaging your audience is all about telling the story that users are looking for, in a unique and creative way. Sometimes, it also means going beyond words and using media. As a publisher, it is your role to make your content easy for others to comprehend. With short attention spans, creating content that can keep users engaged and entertained are important. In any case, nearly 80% of consumers said that authenticity of content is the most influential factor in their decision to become a loyal follower of a brand.

- On the other hand, establishing your site as a go-to source for fresh content does not always mean that you have to be the subject-area expert. It is highly possible to increase your site’s credibility as a reliable source of information by directing your visitors to helpful resources or fascinating perspectives on useful topics. Offering friendly shout-outs, for instance, can reinforce your content and drive your site on the path to receive love or attention from fellow community members. If you are sharing content or a story that was original to another publisher, it is a best practice to link back to the original content owner. By doing so, this creates a back-link or inbound-link and if the original content owner notices in their Google analytics, they may return the favor to you in the near term.

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