List of Herbal Medicines to Prevent Covid19

By far, there are no prominent researchers who can firmly determine what could be the typical herbal medicines to impede Covid19 perfectly due to the fact that they do not have sufficient data to support the use of consuming them. However, we can opt to try or pick up some of them for personal consumption; several types of herbal remedies that may aid us hinder the adverse symptoms of the above virus.

To start off with the above topic, the danger of the corona virus so-called "Covid-19" which is transmitted exponentially has caused deaths of millions of people worldwide since 2020. One strong recommendation to shield ourselves from this deadly invisible virus is to always maintain or even increase our immune system through the consumption of the herbal medicines as an alternative treatment. Herbal remedies have long been used in the treatment of infections and viruses such as influenza, fever, colds, and herpes for thousands of years. For this reason, the list of herbal plants which will be shared below are not only used as cooking spices, but can also be taken as corona alternative medications which we hope that at least, they will help us tackle the early signs of the COVID symptoms.

1. Lemongrass

- Lemongrass is a spice plant that we can consume as a corona herbal medicine because it can prevent influenza viruses and nasal congestion; a plant that can also reduce fever as well as cholesterol in our body.

2. Red ginger

- In addition to lemongrass, we can consume red ginger as part of the treatment to boost our current immune system. Since red ginger contains high antioxidants, therefore, the benefit of consuming it can avert free radical exposures which cause cell damage in our body as well as healing respiratory infections such as flu and pneumonia.

3. Moringa leaves

- Moringa leaves are the plants which possess various benefits that are good for our body. The content of antioxidants and amino acids in Moringa leaves not only can increase endurance, but they can also repair any damage inflicted by viruses.

4. Temulawak

- Curcuma zanthorrhiza known as Temulawak (Javanese ginger or Javanese turmeric), is a plant species belonged to the ginger family in Indonesia. This particular herbal plant contains antioxidants which can protect our body from free radical exposures and various diseases, hence, boosting our immune system against COVID19.

In addition to having consumed the above herbal plants, it is imperative that we also need to pay attention to our diet by eating plenty of nutritious foods, managing our stress well, and doing some physical activities such as regular exercises. We have to make sure as well that we take our supplements and vitamins side by side, also spare our time to sunbathe in the morning if possible in order to get extra vitamin D, which is actually good for our immune system. After all, to get enough rest in a day is also essential so that our body immunity does not suffer from other malicious diseases.

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