Violation of Advertising Ethics on Television

Everyone knows that television is a common telecommunication means that functions as a receiver for broadcasting moving images and sound, both in monochrome (black and white) and in color. Television is one of the electronic media which can be enjoyed by the public in general, and it can be more attractive compared to other media due to its manifestation of vivid images and colors. Perhaps, one of the most exhilarating parts of watching TV shows lies on its persuasive nature which is the advertisement. After all, any sort of marketing campaign through advertisement basically aims to persuade and drive people to use the product or service offered by the manufacturer.

To begin with, the word “Advertising” originates from the Latin word Adverte which means to divert attention. Simply put, it can be interpreted as something that can distract the audience's attention to something. The essence of advertising psychologically lies on how to divert audiences’ attention to something through the series of marketing campaign run on every show or TV program. Therefore, the ultimate goal of TV advertising is to create brand awareness of a product or service by conveying such a compelling message which can strike and capture people’s mind on television.

Apart from that, advertising has two general functions; informative and persuasive. However, there are no ads that are purely informative unfortunately in reality, so are the ads which are inherently persuasive. Advertisements about new products usually have a strong starting point to pitch out information; for example, they can be new tourism places and the low price of quality food in supermarkets.

Some product advertisements which are endorsed by numerous brands tend to have a more prominent persuasive element such as clothing, vehicles, and houses. In the ad itself, there is an advertising message which is specifically addressed to the target audience. When it comes to attracting the attention of target audience, the advertisers will find themselves very competitive. However, to convey their advertising messages, they sometimes override the rules enforced by the law or even exaggerate their product attributes on purpose.

Meanwhile, TV advertising has evolved many significant phases in our modern era since the beginning of its invention. Thanks to the rapid advancement of media technology, product campaigners now have more opportunities to increasingly make their ads more eye-catching through the innovation of their good storytelling. However, advertising cannot be separated from ethics because product message that has a truthful and honest statement are the key element to build up better customers’ trust and loyalty. Unfortunately, there are still many advertisers who neglect the norms and prioritize certain self-interests in doing TV commercials. For this reason, there has to be a proper curb executed by the broadcasting government agencies so that the occurrence of future advertisements that sacrifice ethical and moral values can be avoided.

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