The fact that children and teenagers benefit enormously from Chiropractic Care should not and cannot be underestimated. With all the bumps and falls that occur during childhood it is a wonder that some of us make it to being adults. Most of the problems we see in adults are actually childhood problems that have simply been ignored. Even in so called "normal birthing conditions" spinal injury can result. Most injuries that children receive get grown "in to" not "out of". "As the twig grows so does the tree", children grow up to be very much out of line, degenerative and ill adults.

Chiropractic corrections are safe, gentle and effective for babies and toddlers. In fact, chiropractic is much safer than taking aspirin. All newborn children and toddlers should be examined for any spinal changes too - even if they do not have any symptoms. Every patient is different and chiropractic spinal corrections are always tailored to each child's age, strength, size and individual spinal problems. Naturally, the spinal corrective techniques are modified for newborns, infants, and small children. Early detection is the best form of cure. The misdiagnosed "growing pains" are there for a reason and should not be ignored. Because of this, parents who really care about their children are strongly advised to take their kids to the chiropractor and request regular spinal check-ups.

Meanwhile, spinal injury can begin with the forces and stresses of birth, especially if forceps or suction is used. Falls from prams and high chairs, tumbles down steps, constant bumps to the head and bottom whilst learning to walk, falls out of trees and off trampolines, sporting and car accidents all contribute to accumulated stress on the framework of a child's body. Such stresses may upset the normal mechanics of the child's body; contributing to damage and imbalance of spinal and other joints, ligaments and muscles. This in turn can worsen the nerve pathways. Your nervous system controls the way your body works. Chiropractors believe that health depends, to a large degree, on a healthy nervous system.


- Think carefully before you encourage your child into contact sports and consider chiropractic as part their preparation for training and optimum performance.

- Have your child’s spine checked periodically by a chiropractor. Never ignore your children’s complaints of pain or discomfort. Have them checked.

- Do ensure your child warms up and down when exercising, and do not encourage them to go beyond the capabilities of their fitness.

- Never drag your child by the arm as you may cause shoulder and spinal injury (i.e. throw babies in the air). Never encourage babies to walk before they are ready, either by holding them by the arms or with the use of baby walkers.

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