Chiropractors are licensed as primary contact portal of entry providers in all 50 states. They are trained to triage, differentially diagnose, and refer non-chiropractic cases. Chiropractors use standard physical examination procedures with an emphasis on orthopedic, neurologic, and manual examination procedures. Chiropractors are licensed to take x-rays in all 50 states and, when indicated, can order special tests if permitted by state law (e.g., blood work, imaging). Although there is wide variation in therapeutic scope of practice from state to state, nearly all chiropractors use a variety of manual therapies with an emphasis on specific adjusted techniques. After all, therapeutic alternatives can range from manual therapy, physical therapy, and spinal adjustments to exercise and nutritional and dietary counseling.

Next, the modern doctor of Chiropractic works both directly and indirectly with the nerves, because every function of your entire body is under control of the nervous system. Every organ, tissue and cell is controlled by neurological impulses travelling from the bran to every part of the body. Our nerves make it possible for sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing, as they maintain our balance and keep our body temperature at 37.6 degrees. Our nerves control our liver, our lungs, our spleen, our pancreas, our gallbladder and kidneys and all other organs. In fact, our nervous system is the master system which controls all other systems of the entire body including our glandular, reproductive, digestive, elimination, respiratory and circulatory. Complete perfect natural health comes only when we have a complete perfect natural normal functioning nervous system.

Chiropractors view themselves as specialists in NMS care but also as complementary and alternative caregivers for a number of other chronic conditions. In these situations chiropractors typically incorporate other therapeutic intervention such as counseling on diet, nutrition, and lifestyle modification. Management or co-management of patients with hypertension, diabetes, or dyslipidemia are a few among the examples. Every science of the healing art has what is known as an “avenue of approach”. For a doctor of Chiropractic, the avenue of approach is the spine because it houses and protects the spinal cord - the switchboard of the nervous system through which nerves pass from the brain to different parts of the body. The nerves leave the spine through openings between movable spinal bones called vertebrae. When these vertebrae move out of alignment there can be an interference with the normal activities of the nerve. This interference can disturb function throughout the body and cause many diseases.

Finally, most conditions of ill health are the result of some underlying causes within the body which must be found first before correction can be effective and help restore true health. Chiropractic has developed specific techniques for locating and then correcting spinal misalignments that disturb nerve function. When you experience pain, it can affect every aspect of your life. Pain can sometimes take many years to develop, and can advance unnoticed. Other times, pain can happen in an instant. However it comes on, pain will change the way you live your life. The prolonged effects can gradually alter your physical, emotional and mental state, tone of voice, attitude, treatment of others, daily activities, the way you appear to others, and can leave you feeling defeated. Chiropractic, therefore, makes a major contribution to the healing and the healing arts when it comes to treating the patients.

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