Each year, millions of people seek the medical care of a chiropractor for pain relief, as well as a number of other conditions. If you have never been treated by a chiropractor, you may have a lot of questions, including how to find the right healthcare professional for you.  Because there are so many different techniques, you will want to make sure you choose a chiropractor that you not only trust, but one that also matches up with your healthcare needs.

To begin with, chiropractic is a profession with a wide variety of practice philosophies and techniques, which makes it a challenge to select a chiropractor who is most compatible for an individual. Because the chiropractic treatment includes hands-on procedures, such considerations must be given for both the preference of treatment style as well as the rapport with the chiropractor. Chiropractors, in addition, can treat a variety of different medical conditions by aligning the spine through a number of manipulations. These conditions, for instance, include back pain, herniated discs, migraine headaches, and much more. Several techniques used to provide chiropractic care include hands-only manipulations, as well as others that use adjustment tools. When it comes to providing treatment, chiropractors generally have the same focus. Still, how their treatment plans likely however can vary between practices and even from patient to patient. Overall, a good chiropractor will combine their knowledge and understanding and tailor it to fit your specific needs and goals throughout the course of your healing sessions.


For more than 100 years now, chiropractors have performed spinal manipulations and adjustments to relieve pain and increase the function in joints. For most people, it is important to feel comfortable with the chiropractor and to have an overall positive experience at the clinic. Feeling comfortable is relative and depends on personal preferences, including details such as how long a patient may typically have to wait in the waiting room or the location of the chiropractor’s office. In general, a chiropractor who is recommended by multiple people or gaining more reviews on internet is likely to be reliable.

The success story of Balanced For Life, Australia began with its founder and CEO named Dr. Lindy Kuburic, B.Chir Sc, M. Chiro. Being one of the top rated clinics in Sydney with more than 80 positive feedbacks on Google review, Balanced For Life offers a natural approach to healing your body’s aches and pains. Besides, their chiropractors are highly trained, experienced, and always up to date with the latest chiropractic techniques. What’s more, this Australia-based clinic also provides Multi-Wave Locked System (MLS) which is the laser medical treatment and is very useful by far in treating arthritis, muscle tears, and other forms of inflammation or pain.

When briefly discussing about the mastermind and the owner behind this clinic, Dr Lindy Kuburic decided she wanted to be a chiropractor at the age of 7 when many of her friends still or would rather dream of becoming firefighters or policemen and women. And her reason was so that she could help people naturally. Dr. Lindy understood at a young age that health is essential for a balanced life and has kept that mantra and philosophy through all her years of study and work life.

Furthermore, after practicing in Windsor, New South Wales as a locum and then associate for 18 months, Dr Lindy made her way to an integrated health center in Moorebank, New South Wales. It was during those 5 years laying her hands on thousands of baby, child, adult and retired spines that she really began to fully comprehend the positive impact chiropractic has on people’s lives.  It is all about neurology, the clever nervous system, which allows the body to heal, regain movement, reduce pain and function as normal. Hence, this is what she loves doing, and this is her life's passion.

Lastly, Dr. Lindy has since lived in Canada and returned in 2014 to her homeland in Australia to open her own practice in the Hills area of Sydney where she grew up, shortly after, expanding with a Windsor location. She has a current AHPRA registration and rebates are available for those who are covered under private health insurance, DVA (Department of Veteran’s Affairs), Work cover and approved Medicare EPC referral. Overall, she is more than delighted to offer you a hand in chiropractic once you have booked your online appointment with her.



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